About Brian Bennett

Brian is a former teacher and now the Customer Solutions Engineer for the Education Team at TechSmith.
You can follow him on Twitter at @bennettscience.
  • He is most proud of the desk he installed himself in his new house.
  • Brian's super power is typing one-handed while carrying his computer to meetings.
  • He has a deep anxiety about spiders. But, it's getting better.

Technology and Education – A Healthy Mishmash that Parents should Value

This article was written by guest author Jimmy Sorensen for our quarterly education newsletter, the Learning Lounge. If you have interest in contributing, please fill out this form. When it comes to technology, parents and teachers are certainly outmatched by the tech-savvy younger generation. The iPod swinging, smartphone carrying, and tablet toting youngsters are literally growing in Cyberspace, which the elders, particularly the parents, have never had the chance to even know about. During Continue reading

Issue-based projects increase student engagement

Guest post by Alison Baldwin written for the quarterly education newsletter, The Learning Lounge. If you have interest in contributing, please fill out this form. Four years ago while sitting at home over Christmas break, I got to thinking about the senior research and writing class that I always teach in the spring semester. The thought of spending 18 weeks walking students through the same old “Rhetorical Reader and Guide” while they churned out banal expository essays induced a feeling Continue reading

Applications, Not Apps

Written by guest author, Ben Rimes and adapted from his blog post “4 Recursive Practices for Teaching and Learning” for the Learning Lounge newsletter. If you have interest in contributing, please fill out this form. Apps are overrated. Applications of effective learning strategies are where it’s at now. The many ways with which our students have to reflect upon their learning and share it with the world has never been more varied, and it’s time to capitalize on it, rather than just Continue reading

Top Five Chalkstar to Rockstar Podcast Moments

Last August, we here at TechSmith Education announced a new TechSmith podcast called Chalkstar to Rockstar where we talk with teachers innovating with technology in their classes. We've had 20 episodes so far ranging from teachers taking an idea for a school to reality in six months to how Google Glass is changing the way people think about science in our day to day living. Below, I've gone through the episodes to pick my top five Chalkstar moments. Five I think one of the points when the podcast Continue reading

Chalkstar to Rockstar Gift-away!

'Tis the season for giving, and this holiday season, the Chalkstar to Rockstar podcast is having a very special holiday episode that you can get in on. Back in August, TechSmith Education announced a new weekly podcast titled Chalkstar to Rockstar: Revolutionary Ideas in Learning. We launched the show in September and have had an educator share their story of growth and innovation every Wednesday. The audience has grown quickly and we've had a chance to talk with some amazing people. The Continue reading

Chrome-Plated Snagit – Coming this November!

How many computing devices did you use today? Laptop? Smartphone? Desktop? Tablet? Chromebook? How many people did you collaborate or share content with? …For lots of us, those numbers are surprisingly large, and growing all the time. Which creates problems. The stuff you have stored on one device isn’t available on another. Your favorite app for a particular task isn’t available on the platform you happen to be using at the moment. Instead of the magical experiences you hoped for, moving Continue reading

Coming Soon: TechSmith Podcast on the EdReach Network

As the TechSmith Education stone gathers moss, we’re always looking for new ways to partner with teachers and organizations committed to the promotion and empowerment of education. I am extremely excited to announce the new partnership between TechSmith Education and the EdReach Network as we bring you a brand new TechSmith podcast beginning this fall: Destination: Chalkstars to Rockstars - Revolutionary Ideas in Learning. The idea... As a former teacher, I’ll be hosting this weekly show, Continue reading