Mark your calendars: ScreencastCamp 2014

Every summer, from age 8 through 17, my parents would send me off to 2 weeks of summer camp in northern Michigan. And, I loved everything about it – archery, backpacking, learning about nature, making friendship bracelets, canoeing, drinking bug juice and more. I learned a lot at camp and made lifelong friends. Want to relive the fun from summer camp and learn a lot? Come to TechSmith's 4th annual ScreencastCamp this summer! You will learn all about screencasting and making videos, meet Continue reading

[UPDATED] Watch 48 in 24 videos: Tips, interviews, behind the scenes

Update: We added links to all the videos. We're locking ourselves into the studio for 24 hours straight, to record 48 interviews that will help you become a better screencaster and visual communicator...and will give you an inside look at the people who make the magic at TechSmith. We've lined up a lot of great guests (see the schedule below!), from industry experts to customers to TechSmithies. During each 30-minute slot, we'll spend part of the time connecting with each guest and fielding Continue reading

Tune in – We’re Making 48 Videos in 24 Hours

UPDATE: All 48 videos are now available for viewing. Remember, back in school, when you'd pull an all-nighter and try to learn and cram as much information in 24 hours as you possibly could? Well, we're going to do that on February 27th at TechSmith! We're going to pull an all-nighter and make videos to share our tips and tricks with you, show you the people who work at TechSmith, and give you some insider tips on being better visual communicators. This isn't the first time we've done something Continue reading

Tech-tastrophe – Save Yourself From Presentation Tech Failures with Betsy’s Tech Presentation Failure Prevention Tips

It's that time of year... conference season! That means I'm on the road and giving demos as well as watching a lot of presentations. As a presenter, I do a lot of work before I get in front the audience to safety-proof my presentation. I don't want to flounder on stage, especially if I can prevent it. This week, I'm attending O'Reilly's Velocity Conference in London. It's been a great event, and I had a good reminder during the Keynote presentation yesterday about why I do all the prep work Continue reading

Who wants to be a better screencaster?

If you want to become a better screencaster, how are you going to improve your skills? Camtasia expert, Daniel Park, has a couple upcoming events that may help you get the skills and expertise to get to the next level of screencasting. There are Basic Training and Advanced Topics courses, available to anyone. Daniel has trained people around the world how to use Camtasia Studio. And, he's written the definitive interactive guide book about Camtasia Studio. Irvine, CA (free shuttle ride from Continue reading

Meet TechSmith at Microsoft TechEd 2013

I've got my bags packed (almost), my gadgets are charging (slowly), my leg cast is coming off Friday (finally)... I am ready to head to New Orleans for Microsoft TechEd! A couple of TechSmith's Developers, IT Pros, and I are attending Microsoft TechEd 2013. Will you be there? Check out our TechEd team below, follow us on Twitter and see our most anticipated sessions. If you want to meet up, feel free to reach out. We’re always in the mood to talk about tech and hear your product questions and Continue reading

Register now for ScreencastCamp 2013!

Campfires, s'mores, BBQ, tech, geek crafts, sporks and lots of screencasters. What more could you ask for over a weekend? Mark your calendars for our third ScreencastCamp on August 2 - 4, 2013! Once again, we're having it at our TechSmith offices in the lovely Lansing, Michigan area. Already sold on it? Register now (it's free to attend!) Update 5/8: We've filled the 100 spots available for ScreencastCamp but have opened a wait list. If you register you'll be added to the wait list and notified Continue reading