About Josh Holnagel

Josh Holnagel is an Instructional Designer on the User Assistance team at TechSmith.
He likes to use Camtasia for instructional video magic, also makes art, and typically detests traveling.
You can follow him at @hohoholnagel

Snagit for Google Chrome Update and Alternate Capture Mode

Development Update It’s been a couple weeks since we launched Snagit for Google Chrome™ and frankly it makes me a little teary-eyed to see it growing up so fast. But as they say, it takes a village, and early adopters have done their part by putting the app and extension to the test. This week Snagit got its first update which addressed the following: Fixed an issue where the onboarding failed to launch and stalled the extension Changed div capture (see below) to be enabled with the Continue reading

Screenchump to Screenchamp Review 2: Air Rises

One of the challenges of creating video is that it's hard to judge your own work. You make something, fall in love with it, and then changing it becomes at best difficult. In order to help everyone make better videos (and to get ready for the third annual ScreenChamp Awards!), we set out on this idea: what if we loaned our expertise and reviewed our customers' videos in the same way we would review our own videos? Thanks to Gigi Richard from Colorado for sharing this video with us. In it, she Continue reading

Reverse the Effect of an Animation in Camtasia

Last week, a viewer of one of our Camtasia Studio product webinars was chatting us up and asked if it was possible to reverse the effect of a visual animation. In this short video tip (4:16), we show how to easily do just that. This technique can be used to animate callouts, images, clips, etc. If you plan ahead, you can save yourself a step or two, but it's really not much harder to add the reversal after the fact (both methods are covered in the video).   Note: This works for Camtasia Continue reading

Tutorial Project Files Now Available for Download

“How did you do that?” It's a common question we get with regards to our video tutorials. Viewers often want to know how we've pulled off a particular feat of editing or animation. The short answer is: “With Camtasia Studio, of course!” (But I hope you realize that already.) If you're looking for the details, we're certainly not here to keep them a secret. To that end, we're now making available many* of our Camtasia Studio 8 tutorial project files. *Restrictions apply – specifically Continue reading

How to Override Snapping in Camtasia Studio 8

"Ooo! Snapping!" is typically what users say the first time they try to line up a callout with a title slide on the timeline. Indeed, it is quite convenient to have your hand slightly guided when you're first learning to edit. Inevitably though, at some point in the maturation from newbie to vet, you're likely to find yourself occasionally spouting "ARGH! SNAPPING!!!" and wishing you had more precise control over durations and timeline placement. Luckily, there's an easy way to politely decline the Continue reading

Snagit: The Very Basics

We’d like to think that Snagit is pretty easy to use. For some, however, installing and exploring any new software can be intimidating and confusing. The new Snagit Basics video series is geared toward the inexperienced computer user.  In these five short videos, we cover the bare essentials – everything from locating Snagit on your Windows PC to sending pictures and videos via email. Each video is a step-by-step walkthrough set a comfortably slow pace, perfect for learning Snagit from scratch Continue reading

Updating Images and Clips in Camtasia Studio 8

Today, I’m here to bring you another feedback success story. You asked for the ability to swap out media on the timeline, and we delivered. As of version 8.0.4, Camtasia Studio gives you the ability to update media on the timeline -- which is useful if you need to make quick wholesale swaps or update content in old projects. It's also useful if you accidentally move or rename a media file that the timeline is trying to reference. Check out the short video (3:07) below to see how it easy it can Continue reading