About Kelly Mullins

Kelly Mullins is an Information Developer within the User Assistance group at TechSmith. Her hobby is collecting creepy, vintage clown dolls so as to protect children from their strange and menacing influences. Her coworkers haven't fared as well. Her reading list includes anything "Nero Wolfe" and vintage Mary Roberts Rinehart intrigues. She is a 12 year veteran Power Seller on eBay peddling all manner of junque-n-stuff nobody really needs.

Create a Vintage Circle Frame For Your Videos

Recently, I've noticed vintage television show "effects" coming back in vogue for use in screencasting and online videos. For example, in the old Quincy series, the introduction sequence to the show had circle cutouts populated with several videos. And now, in this new music video by Peter Hollens, (available here on YouTube around 3:28), you see his take on using the circle effect. In this tutorial I show you how to use Snagit to create a graphic with circle holes that can be used for video Continue reading

Create a Static Image Transition Effect with Snagit & Camtasia Studio 8

For a while now I have been "collecting" special effects ideas from vintage shows I am watching on NetFlix. It seems the old 70's and 80's television series have become a huge source of inspiration to me! So, in the coming weeks, I will be replicating these effects in Camtasia Studio and showing you how to create them for use in your own videos to add a bit of interest. For this first tutorial, I saw an interesting "art" effect where each of the commercial breaks would have been. When the video Continue reading

Remove the Background & Improve a Photo Using Snagit 11

Have you ever had a great photo except for that one annoyance in the background? Like someone's head or hand over a shoulder, or, in this case, a couple of people? Snagit can help you remove people, buildings, etc. from your images so you can focus on the area that is most important. Here is the same image after it has been retouched using Snagit 11. This video shows you how. Can't see the embedded video? Click here: http://www.screencast.com/t/a1i1I9aLZ Do you have an image that could Continue reading

Give Your Photos Some Artistic Flair with Snagit 11

I know there are TONS of really great apps out there that let you add amazing effects to your photos with just one click. However, at times you might enjoy a more hands-on, creative approach to working with your photos. Snagit allows you to add some terrific photo effects using the basic tools and some photo masking stamps. The masks are free for you to use. Just download, unzip, and add the entire folder to your Snagit Stamps folder here: C:\Program Files (x86)\TechSmith\Snagit 11\Stamps To Continue reading

Snagit 11: 10 Great Tips & Tricks for Creating Great Images

Over the years I have developed several quick tricks that help me create images that convey their intended message. I have put my top 10 tips and tricks into a short, illustrated PDF guide that you can download here: http://www.screencast.com/t/lD0yu2I7Z. For example, I'll show you how to quickly de-clutter an image so your viewers can really see what's important. I would love to hear about your tips and tricks for creating great images. Just use the comments area to share what works for you!   Continue reading

Snagit Help My Capture: How can I add a frame to my image?

We have been asked how one might add frames to their images within Snagit Editor. While Snagit doesn’t have an option for adding frames, you can make your own and save them as stamps to be used over and over to enhance your images - like these vintage Thanksgiving postcards.      This video tutorial shows you how to easily turn images of frames into Frame stamps. Why not use this technique to create some impressive and memorable menu cards, name tags, or other fancy stuff for your Thanksgiving Continue reading

Create Textures & Enhance Your Snagit Captures

Have you ever wanted to apply a texture to one of your images to enhance it and give it a more polished or professional look? While Snagit does not have a texture filter, you can easily make your own custom textures using patterns you find in images. Here are a couple of texture examples I created using animal images I found on the New York Public Library digital site. Here is a video that shows you how to create the texture image and how to apply the texture to other images. Can't Continue reading