About Rebecca Toth

Becca is the public relations intern at TechSmith
  • She is a senior at Michigan State University
  • Her favorite place on earth is Rome, Italy
  • Her guilty pleasure is a good book next to a warm fire
  • Shining Above the Rest: Use a Video Resume to Stand Out When Searching for a Job

    The job application process is constantly evolving and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in a sea of qualified applicants. Students attempt to differentiate themselves with impressive resumes, various internships and cleverly worded cover letters, but what is the next step? How does one go above and beyond these common tools and shine above the rest? Some have found the answer. Over the past few years, people have gotten really creative in their search for gainful employment. Continue reading

    How to Optimize Your Screencast Videos for Search

    Guest post by Brian Dean. Brian runs Backlinko, an SEO training and link building website for search engine marketing professionals. So you've just put the finishing touches on your latest Camtasia screencast video. It's polished, edited, and ready for the world to see. Before you hit the "publish" button, make sure that your video is optimized for search engines. It takes a bit more effort, but a well-optimized video will bring in significantly more traffic over time than a video that's simply Continue reading

    Boring Internship? Not a chance at TechSmith!

    TechSmith is shaping the professional rockstars of the future by investing in students and providing opportunities for them to gain experience and exposure to great projects. TechSmith does not believe in making interns responsible for fetching coffee and copying documents--the company trusts interns with real tasks and asks them to participate in company meetings, tasks and projects, knowing the potential of the candidates they have discovered. TechSmith currently employs 28 interns in six different Continue reading

    Why We Wouldn’t Want to Call Anywhere Else Home

    Michigan is home to more than 11,000 inland lakes, 1,300 miles of bike trails, 19 million acres of woods and the world’s longest freshwater coastline... and of course, TechSmith! What’s not to love? TechSmithies have taken full advantage of being based in Michigan by traveling across the state, heading down the road to Lansing’s many festivals and all the way to the Upper Peninsula.   Michigan.org has put together a list of the top 10 places to visit in Michigan. From personal Continue reading

    Quasar Maintains Competitive Edge with Move to Include Screencasting Options

    Meet Michael Shane, the director of Microsoft Desktop and Soft Skills Training Company, Quasar. Quasar, a company based in the United Kingdom, specializes in delivering training on Microsoft applications and customer service to large organizations all over the world by providing courses where and when companies need them. Recently, however, they have changed the way they deliver information by adding video to their training services. Traditionally, Quasar delivered all training initiatives through Continue reading

    School’s Out for the Summer

    School’s finally out! Learning is put on hold for the summer... right? That’s not the case for many students who participate in tutoring throughout their summer break. Tutoring aims to either catch students up on material not understood during the school year, to polish the skills they’ve acquired that year or to start working on the skills they’ll need in the year to come. Tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular trend around the world, and TechSmith has the tools to ensure the experience Continue reading

    Tech & Learning’s Big 10

    We read an article last week in Tech & Learning and were so happy to see our friends in flipping, John and Aaron, featured. Tech & Learning recently released their “Big 10” list that consists of ten of the most influential professionals in education technology. These movers and shakers were chosen due to their accomplishments and their potential to achieve great things in the remainder of the year. John and Aaron were in excellent company and as you know, we love educators! We thought Continue reading