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Sarah Hostetler is the International Marketing Associate at TechSmith.
You can follow her at @sarah_hostetler
  • She is a Michigan State University graduate and will forever bleed green.
  • She enjoys traveling.
  • A report from ScreencastCamp Germany

    ScreencastCamp has gone global! Inspired by the ScreencastCamp held at TechSmith’s headquarters in Michigan each summer, Anton Bollen, TechSmith’s European Evangelist and author of the German TechSmith Blog, and Andreas Pilz, a Camtasia trainer and professional screencaster, organized TechSmith’s first international ScreencastCamp in Nürnberg, Germany. Background Barcamps and Themecamps have become increasingly popular in Germany.  In fact, there are over 80 events in the country Continue reading

    New Release: Camtasia Relay 4.3 Adds Visual Graphs for Administrators

    The Camtasia Relay team spends most of its development time adding and improving capabilities for people creating videos.  We always try to balance the creation of new features for users and  system administrators with our overriding goal to keep the recording process as easy to use as possible.   That’s why we are pleased with the very positive feedback we’ve gotten from customers about how easy Camtasia Relay is to use, as well as the many great suggestions for future improvements and enhancements Continue reading

    Flipping Around the World

    Teachers often find themselves having to be in two places at once. In fact, it was this very dilemma that inspired Emilia Carrillo, a foreign language teacher, to turn her style of teaching upside down. Two years ago, while teaching in Ukraine, Emilia Carrillo faced the difficult task of simultaneously teaching two different levels of Spanish in two different classrooms. In fact, she often found herself running back and forth between the two—she literally had to be in two places at once. This Continue reading

    The Many Uses of Snagit: Legal Education and Commentary

    Introduction Meet Gary Lee Walters. He’s a hard-working, qualified learning facilitator, who teaches and lectures about law. In October of 2011 he founded his own website, StretLaw™, an eLearning resource focused on law tuition and commentary. As his website explains, “it serves to facilitate learning, whether it is one-to-one tuition or group learning, via interactive tutorials. Our aim is to make you a confident, independent learner.” StretLaw’s eLearning style allows you to take Continue reading

    Camtasia Studio Brings Math to the Masses

    Remember that math class you hated back in high school? The one where no matter how hard you focused in class or how organized you thought your notes were, everything looked like hieroglyphics the minute you got home? Well, you certainly weren’t alone. But, fear not! An awesome TechSmith customer across the pond has been hard at work making videos with Camtasia Studio to help people just like you! Stuart Sidders is a math teacher based outside of London who taught publicly for five years and Continue reading