About Troy Stein

Troy Stein is an erstwhile German teacher turned Product Manager for TechSmith's EDU apps. Best job ever!
You can follow him at @troystein
  • In his spare time, he plays and coaches soccer.
  • He has been known to jump up and down like a giddy school girl at his daughter's soccer games.
  • Ask3 as a Concept Car

    Ask3 is a like a concept car. We don't sell it. We are testing ideas for future products and conversing with like-minded teachers about the possibilities. High Performing Team Ask3 is our experiment in collaborative education: We are attempting to turn a group of self-focused individual students into a highly collaborative, high-performing team. As former teachers, we know the power of students teaching students. Initially, we chafed when a student repeated our own words to another student, Continue reading

    Ask3 and Peer Feedback

    Erin Mastin's 1st grade classroom is *awesome!* Where else can I read/sing Doctor Seuss, get hugs and a birthday invitation to Emily Rose's birthday party? Forget the fact that I just met her and that her birthday is in 6 months. So awesome! Erin's students have been learning a bit about grammar from each other with Ask3. Here's a quick video of their peer feedback: Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. Erin was kind enough to answer these questions: Please note: I initially wanted Continue reading

    Ask3 with More Class

    The newest version of Ask3 supports multiple classes, so it can now reflect your schedule: Teaching next semester? Create a new class! Teaching five sections? Create five classes! Teaching PD? Create one for that, too! Ask3 with multiple classes is free in the App Store. As always, we'd love to hear what you think, and what you'd like us to work on next! - Troy & the Ask3 Team Continue reading

    Are You a Better Coach than a 3rd Grader?

    I'm a bit embarrassed. A few weeks back my daughter, Lizzie (eight years old & full of verve) and I were kicking around a soccer ball with our neighbor, Jase. Lizzie asked if we could show him Coach's Eye. She's a fan. I let Lizzie record Jase's passing. I assumed I would give the feedback. I've been coaching soccer for 10+ years. I've got this. Instead, Lizzie asked if she could give him feedback. I hesitated. How good can an 8 year old's feedback be? Ahhh, the arrogance of age. As Continue reading

    Circling Back: Notification of Ask3 Responses

    Last week, I visited Jennie Magiera and some extraordinary teachers in Chicago. The students used Ask3 to work on math problems and then gave feedback to their 'Power Partner.' Cool concept: an Ask3 Buddy. As I looked closely at the feedback, I could see the learning and the conversation evolve. One student would respond with an an idea, another would chime in. The only problem was that the student who made the original video didn't know that comments had been left. Problem solved. With Continue reading

    Eric Marcos, Tom Sawyer and Painting the Fence with Ask3

    Tom Sawyer got kids to paint the fence for him... and they paid him for the privilege! Meet Eric Marcos, a Modern Day Tom Sawyer. (cue Rush). Eric is an amazing teacher in Santa Monica, California. When I visited him a few years back, and saw how incredibly engaged his students were in the creation process -- Blooms Taxonomy, anyone? -- I wanted to bottle that kind of magic: Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. For those classes that have iPads, Ask3 puts a paint brush in every Continue reading

    Ask3 is getting personal… see what’s coming next!

    We love competition and the AppMadness13 competition for best, free EDU app is a ton of fun. We're in tight competition, so we're coming out with a full court press in the second half. Years of training are paying off for our teachers and their students. Get a peek into the Ask3 locker room to see what's coming next in Ask3 to help engage students even more in the learning process! Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. Vote for Ask3 and ScreenChomp at http://bit.ly/AppMad13! Invite Continue reading