About Will Verchereau

Will Verchereau is the Customer Content Coordinator for the Marketing Team at TechSmith.
  • If money were no object, he would still thrift the majority of his wardrobe.
  • His life goal is to own a peacock farm.
  • His guilty pleasure is a tub of ice cream directly following any form of exercise.
  • Personalizing Customer Support

    PipelineDeals is a customer relationship management tool designed to help businesses track interactions, sales, and more. As a company that emphasizes customer care, PipelineDeals wanted to be sure they provided their customers with a fantastic level of support. To help their customers be as successful as possible, PipelineDeals equipped their customer support team with Camtasia... Focusing on the customer David and his colleagues initially started using Camtasia to track and record bugs, or Continue reading

    TechSmithies Provide Food for Families in Need

    Throughout the month of November, TechSmithies have been collecting food and money for The Greater Lansing Food Bank. The GLFB is a regional food bank that partners with multiple support agencies and food pantries around our hometown of Okemos, Michigan. While we have done food drives in the past, we had no clue how successful this year would be. The drive lasted three weeks, starting at the beginning of November. To give the food drive a boost, we decided to host a little competition between Continue reading

    Tweeteorologists Predict the Weather One Tweet at a Time

    David Drobny is a lawyer, husband, coach, and father of two. Similarly, Will Minkoff runs a dental practice, is a husband and also a father of two. However, when David and Will aren't working, they moonlight as weather gurus. Together, they spend their time relaying forecasts and severe weather information, answering weather-related questions for friends and fans, and assisting the National Weather Service as social media coordinators for metro Nashville and the adjacent county to the south. David Continue reading

    Ghost Hunting with TechSmith

    Scott Morgan Shares Spookiest Findings with Camtasia Can't see the video? Watch it on Screencast.com. Scott Morgan knows a thing or two about ghosts. Not the gory, pop-out-when-you-least-expect-it kind, or the ones that crawl out of TVs. Scott knows the ghosts that walk around your bed late at night with big, heavy footsteps. He knows the ghosts that have a presence in the room and whisper, “get out,” when you’ve overstayed your welcome. These creep-tastic events have only encouraged Continue reading

    Stop Guessing: Improve UX with Eye Tracking from myGaze and Morae

    Guest post by Daniel Trifonov Eye tracking should be an essential add-on to any UX study with Morae 3.3. With the help of myGaze® by Visual Interaction, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to include gaze trails in your Morae UX study. So what are “gaze trails”? In simple terms, gaze trails are the paths our eyes take when looking at things like webpages, printed copy, images and more. In this post, I will explore the value of adding gaze trails to user interactions and Continue reading

    iPhone Power Up: 10 Apps for New Smart Phone Owners

    Have you seen all the coverage of the new iPhone models? As much as we love technology around TechSmith, not all of us will preorder the 5C or 5S the second they're available. While the new phones are slick, beautiful, and functional, many "old" phones are still performing wonderfully. Emily Wiesner is a TechSmith sales intern. She doesn't have an iPhone. She doesn't even have a smart phone. Instead, Emily has a hand-me-down flip phone that has been in her family for years. And when held up against Continue reading

    Screencasting Saves Crafters Time, Confusion with Die-Cutting Tools

    Darla Haverstock is a lifelong crafter, mother of two and designated “Gadget Girl” in her town on the east coast of Canada. She’s spent years learning the ins and outs of die-cutting software and hardware, which can be as complex and as tedious as you want them to be. Darla decided to make life a little easier for fellow and aspiring crafters alike by sharing her knowledge through classes at a local craft store and online with the help of YouTube and Camtasia. Lifelong crafter Darla Continue reading