Dipping a toe in the Flipped Classroom Waters with Ask3

So much material to cover. So little time. No wonder the flipped classroom movement keeps picking up steam.

For 1to1 iPad classes, Ask3 can be used to take small, simple steps on the path of flipping your classroom. For those interested in wading in, here’s how to get started:

Toe-dipping: Record a mini-lesson. 5 minutes, max! Have them watch it prior to class, or even in class, while you take attendance.

Ankle-deep: Add a question to your next mini-lesson. Ask students a question in the video to expose their understanding.

Waist Deep: Ask students to make connections. Ask students how this material connects to previous material, other content areas, or their life?

All In: For those of you who have flipped your class already, what can we do in Ask3 that would make it easier for you and your students? Let the comments roll!

  • http://twitter.com/chschett Sche

    Well, Troy, a few suggestions for a future version of Ask3. Can you integrate a couple of backgrounds? Maybe you know Doodlecast Pro. There you can find backgrounds like Graph Pie, different Grids, notebook styles and a few sport styles ( a soccer field, a football field and so on). Would be a time saver.
    Another wish on my list would be that I can integrate stuff from my dropbox (our other familiar tools).


    • http://twitter.com/troystein Troy Stein

      Hallo Christian! Great suggestion! I saw a customer use another drawing app, screenshot it and bring it into Ask3 to do a math screencast. I can definitely see the need for that and the drop box. We’ll add them to our list. Keep them coming!

    • http://twitter.com/troystein Troy Stein

      Also, Christian and others, if we had dropbox integration, what would you want to do with it? What would be your goal of having Ask3 and dropbox working well together?

      • http://twitter.com/chschett Sche

        One reason for a dropbox integration for me is that we have no iPads in school. My students and I can only use our private iPads at the moment. With dropbox integration I could make for example a screenshot of something I make on the school PC or on our (one and only) virtual whiteboard, put this picture in my dropbox and use it at home in Ask3 for further or deeper Explanations.

  • Alidee

    For those who use Evernote, that would also be another good integration tool.