Coach’s Eye Brings TechSmith to the iPhone!

We are thrilled to announce that Coach’s Eye has just hit the App Store, kicking off our first venture into the iPhone app world. You’ll notice right away that the app was built with athletic performance in mind, but that is really just the beginning. Coach’s Eye has some incredible potential for educators or anyone that is interested in creating on-the-fly tutorial videos. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a look at the app:

Here are two examples of videos created with Coach’s Eye. The first is a sports example, the second should help get you thinking about the non-sports possibilities.

Example #1: My personal trainer critiquing my deadlift technique (or lack thereof):

Example #2: Luke Miller (TechSmith Product Marketing Manager) Demonstrates Proper Chopstick Technique:

Coach’s Eye is available now in the iPhone App Store for a limited time price of $0.99. Please check it out and share with your friends! Whether they’re a coach, teacher, chef, or just about anything else- we believe this technology will be a real game changer in the way people share knowledge.

Be sure to check out the Coach’s Eye website as well. Sure it has a great overview, tutorials, etc – but I recommend going there just to check out the awesome rotating banner at the top!

  • KB

    This is really interesting. I would like to see more examples of it being used.

  • Olena Zhadko

    We are looking for a program that will allow to share a video from an iPhone/iPad. In Coach’s Eye you can share a video but only after you have reviewed it. Is it possible to share the video without reviewing it? (The button in the top right corner is the ‘delete’ button, only after you review the video it switches to the ‘share’ button). Thank you for your help. OIena

  • Dave McCollom

    Olena -

    If you’re just looking to share video from the iPhone/iPod, the built in camera on both devices has the ability to share to text, email, and youtube from the the camera roll.

  • Joe Matulis

    I really like how you can make a recording of your playback with your commentary. Very cool.

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