What would you do w/ PDF import and Ask3?

This week, we asked our Ask3 users what was important about Ask3 and how satisfied they were with it. Here’s what we peek behind the curtain:

We also found out in the survey that their was a strong desire for the ability to import PDF’s.

Now, I’m just old enough to know of the trouble that I get in when I assume things. So, help me out!

In your opinion, are the desire for better image importing and the ability to import PDFs related?

Do they represent different needs and jobs-to-be-done in your class?

Would love any and all insights.  Thanks in advance!

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    • http://twitter.com/chschett Sche

      In my opinion there is no need to import PDFs to Ask3. For what? A 1280/720px image with high quality gives me more possibilities to explain something to my students than a PDF with a small resolution on the screen.
      Like I said in an older post: integrate a choice of (background)images (charts, grids…), that is helpful enough :-)

    • Mike Lougee

      I agree w/ Christian. If placing any type of images onto the background (similar to Doodlecast Pro’s choices of backgrounds) and similar to what TSC’s own ScreenChomp already sorta allows, would be a great start, and possibly sufficient forever. Since tools like Jing, Snagit, and even the simple operating system’s screencapture are fast and easy ways to create a background image.

    • http://twitter.com/troystein Troy Stein

      Christian and Mike, thanks a bunch for sharing your insights! FWIW, I’ve heard from other educators, offline, that they have a lot of PDF files that include information that they already have and they want to use Ask3 to be share it with their students. in some cases, the pdfs have more text than they can currently write into Ask3, so they could save themselves time by using pre-existing text. Thoughts? As ever, I really appreciate you gents sharing your thoughts and ideas!
      - Troy