Make the Most of your Interactive White Board

Students using an interactive whiteboard (photo credit: Kevin Jarrett)

Do you or someone you know have access to an Interactive White Board? Popular brand names include SMART, Promethean, and Epson.

These boards are popular in many classrooms. You can display a computer screen or use it like an electronic white board. One problem though is that once the lesson is done, the board is cleared and the content is no longer available. Enter Jing, Snagit, or Camtasia!

You can use TechSmith tools to record the interactive white board, thus freeing your content and making it available outside the classroom walls any time, any where. Recording your interactive white board is no different than recording your desktop computer screen. View the tutorials for the TechSmith product you use.

Here are some popular use examples:

  • Record a lesson starter or instructions. Play the video. As the video plays, you circulate around the room helping individuals and, in effect, “cloning yourself”.
  • Record a lesson summary or recap for absent students, as well as for students who may need a refresher when they get home. This works for keeping parents in the loop too!
  • Record “video notes” as shown by the teacher below. In this video he’s using Camtasia Studio, but you could do something similar with Camtasia for Mac, Jing, or Snagit.

In the video below, Mike Conrad shares his story about why he makes video notes, gives an example, and then walks through the “how-to” process of creating these video notes with Camtasia Studio.

Having trouble seeing the video? Watch it on YouTube.

Have a question or want to tell us how you use an IWB? Add a comment or send us a tweet. 

  • hugo gonzalez rimada

    Hi. I’d like to know if there’s a Jing version for IPad, please.

    • Sche

      You could use Screenchomp or Ask3 on your iPad.

    • Techtoolsforschools

      Explain everything is also another good iPad app for this.

  • Cenguz

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  • jwillis84

    What do you guys think about the iPad replacing the Whiteboards in schools and colleges? I was also thinking. Do you think a product could work that synchronized actions and data with an iOS or Android applet using Dropbox for realtime communications between difference platforms would work? Sort of like a Twitter Socket for command and control and distribution of media for consumption.. like a presentation driven consumption that a whiteboard provided in the past. – The brain is supposed to work like a collection of USB flash drives that get wired up and connect up on demand based on stimulous. Google kind of does that for us today.. we get stimulated to search and link up data in our own brains.. and store copies in personal libraries.. like bookmarks. Seems if we could do that with documents that are sense sensitive.. touch, feel, sight, sound.. we might begin to extend our brains beyond ourselves in a personal distributed application way cross platform.

    • micurtis

      Hi jwillis84,
      It’s just my opinion, but I could see how a tablet could replace a white board in some fashion if the white board is used in the traditional manner, i.e. freehand writing & drawing. I wonder about the Interactive Whiteboards though. I suppose there is technically no reason why a lot of the activities or interactive software couldn’t be “ported” in some fashion. After all, you can run an Interactive Whiteboard from a tablet PC for example. Hmmm, good question.

      The comments around synchronized actions or realtime communication are interesting too. I could picture a bunch of students–K12 or higher ed swiping or perform some action to “fling” their problem, question, assignment, etc. up to the board or some kind of discussion area.

      I wonder what’s the closest thing to this now?
      Thanks for posting,
      Mike Curtis

  • Karen Hesting

    First, don’t get me wrong, I love and use TechSmith products. I was just wondering why not just use the record option within the SmartNotebook software. I’m sure there is a reason that I am missing. Thanks!

  • Laura

    I really like these ideas – I’m going to do some work towards that sort of thing with my lessons for the fall. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Gynzy

    We created a simple guide, the ABC’s of interactive whiteboards which is useful to demystify using interactive whiteboards for teachers: