How to Make a Harlem Shake Video with Camtasia for Mac

Guest post by Ben Rhodes and Christina Melton of TechSmith

Have you been keeping up with the recent internet meme sensation, Harlem Shake videos? We have been. And not only that, we created our own (scroll down to see them)!

Then we made a guide showing how to make your own Harlem Shake video with Camtasia, because we’re not so good at keeping secrets. The steps reference Camtasia for Mac, but the process is really similar on Camtasia Studio. And if you don’t already own Camtasia, don’t worry, you can use the free trial to create a Harlem Shake video, too. Enjoy!

How to make a Harlem Shake video

To begin making your video, you need to gather your media. This includes the song Harlem Shake by Baauer and your video clips.

Step 1: You need to import your media into Camtasia for Mac. Right click on left side of the screen and select “Import Media”. Then select your audio and video clips.

import media

Step 2: Drag the audio and first video clip to the timeline.

drop in audio trackdrop in normal video

Step 3: You will want to remove the original audio from the video clip.

separate audiodelete normal audio

Step 4: Trim any excess video footage at the beginning of the clip and move the video to the beginning of the timeline.

trim beginning of normal cliptrim beginning of videomove video to beginning of timeline

Step 5: Drop in the crazy fun clip onto the timeline and remove the original audio as you did with the last video clip.

add party clipseparate audiodelete audio

Step 6: You will want to align your “Fun” clip to the part of audio that says “Harlem Shake”. This is around 15 seconds.

line up video with audio

Step 7: Trim off excess video and audio you are not using.

Step 8: Move your playhead to around 28 seconds. Split the “Fun” video at the playhead.

split video before breakdown

Step 8: Right click on right video segment and select “Add Clip Speed”.

add clip speed

Step 9: Drag out the Clip Speed to the right to slow down the clip. Around 40% worked for us.

set clip speed to 40 percent

Step 10: Trim all excess video and audio and then share to it the world!

share to YouTube

And here she is… the final product. Ladies and gentlemen, the Harlem Shake (TechSmith Edition):

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.

And our executives and managers responded with the video below. Turns out, they like to shake it too:

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube.

  • Marlene Hielema

    Gotta love the pregnant lady in the second video!

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  • Otto

    I noticed that management has more time on their hands: 49 second video vs 30 seconds for the worker-bees!

    • piercemr

      Hi Otto, typical management right? Nah… it actually didn’t take that long to make. We just decided to edit it a bit longer (which I’ve since been told is against proper Harlem Shake protocol – but who knew there was such a thing.) The fun part was that it took very little time, I edited the video during lunch (with time to eat my curry and rice). In fact, most of our managers are worker-bees too. Not only do they help their staff, they are responsible for projects and getting work done. All-in-all, a nice break and attempt at some good fun. :)

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