Meet up with TechSmith at Better Software Conference East

Better Software Conference East

Earlier this year, I was selected to speak at a software development conference, Better Software Conference West 2012, on “Why Self-reflection Matters”.  I was blown away by the quality of the conference organizers and the sheer volume of wonderful conversations with people attending the conference. So I look forward to participating in the Better Software Conference East 2012 in Orlando, Florida on November 7-9. I will be presenting “The Journey from Manager to Leader: Empowering Your Team” on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 2:15 PM.

More importantly, we always want to take advantage of opportunities to meet directly with customers. We know our products and services are better because of you and your input. So I would love to meet up with you, get your feedback and mail you some cool swag (even the infamous TechSmith titanium sporks) since we know your bags will be heavy with conference materials!

How do you find me? For starters, a fantastic option is to attend my presentation!  If you can’t make it, then please contact me on twitter @t_broderick and use hashtag #bscadc. I look forward to meeting up with you!


  • Fahim

    Excellent presentation! Not to undermine the content which was very helpful, but I was actually really curious on how the slides were done. It was really slick. Particularly the animation of all the green guys working and moving across the screen.

  • Tricia Broderick

    Thank you for the feedback. I had a wonderful time sharing my not so wonderful moments :). I proudly cannot take credit for the designs and animations on my slides. Every time I present at a conference, I work with one of our talented designers here at TechSmith. This amazing result is work completed by Cody. I will be sure to pass along the praise.

    Good luck on your journey!