New Release: Camtasia for Mac 2.4 Introduces Freeze Region

Camtasia for Mac 2.4 is here! And if you’ve already upgraded to Camtasia for Mac 2, this is a free upgrade for you. Just check for updates within your copy of Camtasia for Mac. Open Camtasia for Mac > Click Camtasia 2 > Check for Updates...

We’ve got some great new features we are excited to show off in the latest version of Camtasia for Mac! And as always, we are ready and eager to hear your feedback.

So, What’s New?

We’ve listened closely to the responses we were getting from Camtasia for Mac 2 users on our feedback forum. We worked hard to fix and create things to make your experience with Camtasia for Mac even better.

User feedback is essential to making a great product even better, so thanks for your comments and requests. Many of you who wrote in asked for more options when editing. So, we added a handful of new and easy-to-use editing tools.

Freeze Region

Freeze region allows you to get rid of unwanted pop-ups or alerts that appear on your screen during a recording. Instead having to re-record your entire presentation, just freeze the region before the pop-up occurs, and select the duration you’d like that region to be displayed. It will save time and allow you to get the highest quality out of your video!

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube


Edit specific pieces of a clip and then automatically join together the adjacent clips of the same file, effects and all.

Spell Check within Callouts

This new editing feature allows for more accurate and informative videos and presentations. Spell checking the text within your callouts is a quick way to avoid mistakes.

Copy and paste animations

Save yourself a lot of time trying to recreate custom animations by duplicating or moving them between clips on the timeline or between projects.

Getting started project

The Getting Started Project is a beginners guide to using Camtasia for Mac.

See more of what Camtasia for Mac 2.4 has to offer!

Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube

On a Version Prior to Camtasia for Mac 2?

When you upgrade to the current version of Camtasia for Mac, you’ll receive not only the newest features but also all the great features included in Camtasia for Mac 2. Take Camtasia for Mac 2.4 on a test drive with our free trial, or upgrade to the latest version now and let us know how it goes!

And as always, if you have questions or want to give us some feedback, we’re all ears at our feedback site.

  • Matt Gerchow

    I’ve been using Camtasia 1.2.3 for much longer than I have wanted to. Specifically for one reason, MUCH easier editing.

    In the 1.2.3 version you can press…
    Shift+left arrow (highlight behind current time)
    Shift+right arrow (highlight in front of current time)
    This makes editing fast and accurate.
    Using Shift+Mouse drag is inaccurate and much slower for making lots of edits to any recording.
    I know several other marketers that are holding off on anything past this version for this specific reason.
    It would be great if Techsmith would listen to their customers and add this control feature back in.

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi Matt – that keyboard combo does seem like a nice productivity boost. Have you posted your feedback about it to Our dev teams are pretty vigilant about reading suggestions there and taking them to heart.

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi again- I sent this suggestion along to the dev team and they have added it to the product backlog for consideration. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us…we’re listening!

  • Matt Byrne

    i love the new stitch feature so that i can have animations working across the frames. This is great. I’m also going to find the freeze region feature very useful for when i’m given bad quality video with lots of skype and email popups.

    • Daniel Foster

      Thanks for the kind words, Matt. Cleaning up footage captured by someone else…that’s another great use case!