Boom! Coach’s Eye and T-shirt Cannons


At TechSmith we’re gearing up for something new. We’re kicking off a new app called Coach’s Eye. What is Coaches Eye? It is a way to record an athlete, point out problems, and review as needed.

And, have you ever thought to yourself… “Gee, I could really use a t-shirt cannon!”? If you’re like me, the thought crosses your mind often. There’s a least a situation once a week where I could use a t-shirt canon. I mean, who doesn’t want, no, need a t-shirt cannon?! It’s your lucky day! Want a chance to be entered to win a custom t-shirt cannon and be notified with the news about Coaches Eye upcoming release? It’s easy – all you have to do is sign up now. And if you want additional entries, you can head over to the Facebook page to get your very own referral link.

Sign up here!

Oh, and if you do win the t-shirt cannon, I just might have to deliver it to you in person. I mean, you’d let me try it out, wouldn’t you?

There are a lot of prizes up for grabs. You could win:

  • Grand Prize- Micro-Miniâ„¢ T-shirt Cannon and 100 t-shirts customized with your logo
  • 1st- Callaway Diablo set of irons and driver
  • 2nd- $500 Gift Card for Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • 3rd- 32 GB Apple iPod Touch

If you’re the lucky soul that refers our Grand Prize winner, don’t worry, you won’t go home empty handed. Our Tell A Friend Prize will win you a 32 GB Apple iPod touch for your efforts.

Good luck! For more info about the contest and to sign up go here and check out the official rules.

Still reading? Here’s a little easter egg for you… If you can’t see the video, click here.

  • Gerhard Weiss

    Betsy, this is a great idea!

    I could actually use a T-shirt canon at the next two Great Lakes Area .NET Users Group (GANG) meetings:

    Sep 21
    We are having the ledgendary Richard Campbell, from .NET Rocks podcast fame, giving a presentation

    Oct 1
    GANG 10 is a all day Saturday event (8am-5pm), where we are celebrating 10 years of .NET excellence as a user group! We have 6 people giving presentations.

    Techsmith is one of GANG’s bigger sponsors, we would love to have you at one or both of these meetings if you could make it. (It would be great to learn from the master on how to properply fire a T-shirt canon.) But if you are tied up shooting your T-shirt canon off at another event and would still like to give GANG a canon, we will be at the Ann Arbor Give Camp this weekend (Sep 16-18). I heard you normally bring cup cakes to the GiveCamp and they are to die for even more than the T-Shirt canon.

    Thanks an bunch for your support! You can drop me a email if you have any questions.
    Gerhard Weiss (