New Book: Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide

The Camtasia Studio book is available now!

When TechSmith launched the first version of Camtasia in 1999, Daniel Park made the videos for the new release. Daniel has been involved with Camtasia from the start. Daniel is a professional screencaster and has started his own company, dappertext. He has trained people around the world to be better screencasters.

And, now, Daniel has written the book about Camtasia. Well, actually 6 books about Camtasia over the years! Daniel just released a new book – “Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide”.  The book is an interactive PDF with over 300 full color screenshots and 30 screencasts totaling nearly an hour. The book has no DRM and is cross platform as well.

Check out a sample from the book here.

Want to win a copy of the book?

Simply leave a comment on this blog post with a link to your favorite screencast by Feb 28, 2013, 11:59 pm EST. When you post your comment, make sure you connect with Twitter, Facebook, Google + or Disqus so we can contact the winner.

And, if you don’t happen to win a copy of the book, the first 100 copies of Daniel’s book will go for the special price of $34 USD. After that, the book will be at its normal price of $49. You can purchase it from his website,

Camtasia Studio Boot Camp Training with the Author

Want hands on help? You’re in luck, as Daniel is offering training in late March/early April! You can find more details on our blog post here.

  • Basic Training Boot Camp is a healthy mix of theory and practice, focusing on learning the general functionality of Camtasia Studio and its standard workflow of record > edit > produce > share. While we’ll be working on stock projects in class, the more intermediate and advanced users are encouraged to bring and work on their own projects, where I’ll be available to assist, and may even use your project as a class example.
  • Advanced Topics Boot Camp picks up from Basic Training, cementing basic concepts while exploring new areas like video hosting, equipment, and third-party software. The Advanced Topics Boot Camp is entirely learner-driven. Registrants will be surveyed ahead of time about their current needs, the gaps in their knowledge, and what they’d most like to take away from the course. We then custom-create a specialized curriculum based on this information, and devote the entire first day of the workshop to addressing these topics to the benefit of all.

For a detailed breakdown of the itinerary, or to register, please visit the dappertext website.

  • Cheryl Ley

    I upgraded to Camtasia 8 recently but haven’t had time to check it out – I’m looking forward to a little free time to try out the new functionality.

  • Dave J. (Scoop0901)

    I’d love to read it to glean any new ideas on things I may have overlooked, never knew existed, or am under-utilizing.

    • Renee Badra

      Congrats Dave, you won a copy of Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide!

  • Adam Teece

    I can only link to the trailer of it, but all the SCO stuff has been a huge help. This one in particular was super helpful to me

  • Sche

    Ok, I’m honest. Most of you will not understand a word because it’s German, but I think it shows that
    1. screencasts are multi-lingual ;-)
    2. you can find Camtasia-Users everywhere in the world.

    And here it is:

  • Ron Bertino

    I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my Camtasia skills.
    I’d love a chance to review Daniel’s new book.

    Here’s an educational screencast I put together recently:

    And here’s more of a fun one from some time ago:

  • Roger N Wells

    I think I started at Definitive Guide Camtasia 4. I would love to have Definitive Guide to Camtasia Studio 8. I love Evernote and my favorite is actually not just one but three . . . Evernote 5 for Mac part 1,2 and 3.

  • Dan Nunez

    (shoves less-definitive guides into garbage disposal, with mop handle.)

    • Renee Badra


  • Ed

    I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of screencasting and incorporating animations etc. for creating more vibrant presentations! I like this link on how to use animations. It help clear up some confusion about where to start your images when using this effect.

  • Renee Badra

    Thanks to everyone for the replies, keep em’ coming!

  • Dan Nunez

    I’ve taken to recording impromptu-torials for strangers online.
    They are candid, if not professional.


  • Brad

    So much I can do with Camtasia, so much I’m not doing yet! This book would be a great help in my quest to do more & do better with Camtasia in 2013. Following is one screencast that I think was done well and have enjoyed sharing with people (not mine):

    • Renee Badra

      Congrats Brad, you won a copy of Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide!

  • Manni C

    I’d like to win a copy of camtasia itself…any chance!

  • William McCormick

    I have been using Camtasia studio for a very long time now, and they keep getting better and better.

  • Jennifer Perkins

    I have loved TechSmith and Camtasia Studio for years, and the latest version of Camtasia Studio is awesome. The features now make it as much a great video-editing application as a screencasting tool. One of my favorite screencasts is at and happens to be about Camtasia Studio 8 features. Great work, TechSmith! (And, of course, I’d love to win this book by Daniel Park.)

  • Parazanda Valois

    I love my Camtasia 7 but haven’t taken a chance with 8 … Maybe a really good text would help!!!
    Great work Camtasia!! You have made my training process waaaaay easier. I have well over 50 little training videos available on our intranet site. Since I control the content I can focus on what we need and not settle for canned videos.

  • Paul Beaudoin

    I am a fairly new user of Camtasia and Screencast and feel there’s lots I could learn. I worked on a Winter Greeting with Screencast (see this link: and was happy with the results. Now, if I could only go deeper into the program and design the kinds of materials I need for my classes – that would be great.

  • Fi

    Hello! I’m currently evaluating Camtasia with a view to purchasing shortly for our video marketing and tutorials. It’s definitely more robust than the competitors’ offerings that I’ve trialed to-date!
    I’d love a copy of The Definitive Guide to help me to become productive as quickly as possible!
    The following screencast was really useful to me this week:
    Here’s hoping for some luck…

    • Renee Badra

      Congrats Fi, you won a copy of Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide!

  • Brandon Patrick

    As a corporate trainer who uses Camtasia often, I would love the chance to take this book and raise my game to a different level.

    I’m still in the beginner stages of user, and would be able to take the information to hopefully improve my workflow and the quality of the trainings I can deliver.

    Thank you for letting me join the contest! I would be great to win a copy!

    • Renee Badra

      Congrats Brandon Patrick, you won a copy of Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide!

  • David Deegan

    I’ve been using Camtasia for a couple of years now and it’s been great for producing training screencasts for staff and I’ve just started learning how to use it for producing educational videos for clients too

    One of my favourite screencasts prior to learning about this book is

    • Renee Badra

      Congrats David Deegan, you won a copy of Camtasia Studio 8 – The Definitive Guide!

  • Renee Badra

    Hello everyone! I am excited to announce our winners, yes I said winners (plural)! Betsy decided one wasn’t enough, so we are awarding five copies of this book today!

    The lucky winners are:
    Dave J. (Scoop0901)
    Brandon Patrick
    David Deegan

    Please tweet me @badrar or email and I will email your copy of the book!
    Thanks to everyone for commenting and Happy screencasting!

  • Dave J. (Scoop0901)

    WHOO HOO! I won a copy!

  • Tim McLain
  • Jaywoody51

    With out a lot of background (someone loaned me a copy of the book for version 6) at least Daniel must think highly of herself. The PDF is $10 more than the previous print versions and that is without the extras that came on the CD. Am I missing something here or does the eBook have websites listed to download the material (other than the 30 day Studio and SnagIt trials) that was on the CD.?

  • danial

    if anyone want to download it from here full