Give Dad the gift of geek – 25% off Snagit

Are you hunting for a last minute Father’s Day gift? If so, you’ve probably realized that dads—especially techie ones—are pretty tricky to buy for, huh?

Surely, he’ll appreciate whatever you end up getting him, but will it be something that simplifies his life and that he wants to use all the time? Here’s a secret: it’s totally possible to get him something that he will use every single day…without breaking the bank.

No, we aren’t talking about fancy ties and new watches. They’re neat and all, but Snagit is FAR cooler – and with our Father’s Day sale, it’s less than $40!

Click here to buy Snagit at 25% off using promo code: DAD25

What is Snagit? A handy tool for Windows and Mac that makes it super easy for anyone to grab a screenshot or make a quick video of what they see on their screen, and share it with people. Here’s why it will make Dad smile…

Top 6 Reasons Dads Love Snagit

  • No more family tech support phone calls that go like, “Why does nothing happen when I click this gray thing?” “What gray thing?” “The thing over in the corner by the little x.” Snagit can show exactly what’s on the screen.
  • Dad can be a hero at the office! Instead of sending long, boring emails he can make a video to explain more clearly.
  • When on the road, Dad can record those precious Skype calls or Google Hangouts with the fam and watch them later.
  • Dad can stay a little more organized by capturing online receipts and other records…Snagit keeps them all in one place!
  • Planning a home improvement project is easier because he can use Snagit to clip and save ideas.
  • He can make a cute collage of photos (of you!) to pin up at work.
  • Bonus: Your dad can make a visual wishlist for next year’s Father’s Day!

How to Gift Snagit

  1. Buy Snagit and use code DAD25 when checking out.
  2. Capture the gift card graphic below and use Snagit to personalize it. (Don’t already have Snagit yourself? Download the trial or just buy two copies!)
  3. Add the graphic to the email confirmation containing the Snagit key and print or email it.

Dad can use the same key on two of his computers: Mac, Windows, or one of each. The offer is valid on single-user, commercial licenses and expires at the end of the day June 17. And if you just want to use the discount for yourself or a friend…that’s okay, too!  :)

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Father's Day sale on Snagit!

  • Mark

    This promo code doesn’t seem to work?

    • Sche

      Mark, do you live in the US? I made the experience that the promo codes do not work in other shops than the US-shop. That’s only an idea, I’m not sure if this is the reason for your problem.

      • Mark

        I am not in the US, is there a non US promo code?

        • Sche

          I’m sure you’ll get help :-)

          • Mark

            Its seems to be working now, just completed purchase and activated my trial :-)

          • Daniel Foster

            Glad to hear it’s working! We added the coupon code to our non-US online stores this afternoon.

  • Mihail

    I would like to receive any updates about the discounted price for snagit.
    I am living In Canada and I would like to bay 2 or 3 licence
    The 25 % discount from past was a real good deal. I used in my previously job and it is fantastic tools. Very easy to use and very useful. Congrats!