The Latest News for Jing and Snagit Updates!

Hello TechSmith customers! As you may have noticed, we’ve been busy around here making little tweaks and improvements to your favorite TechSmith tools.

Jing (Windows) – .NET update and Windows 8 compatibility
The latest Jing update (7/31/12) for Windows gives users the ability to capture and share on Windows 8. It also uses a newer version of Microsoft’s .NET framework (v4.0), which provides performance improvements and bug fixes. So the next time you open Jing, keep a lookout for a pop-window with the update.

Jing (Mac) – Retina Display Support
As of August 21, 2012, Jing now works on MacBook Pro computers with the Retina display. Jing should prompt for an update automatically, or you can manually check for the latest version in More > Help > Check for update.

Snagit on Mac – Retina Display
The July 31 release of Snagit on Mac 2.1.1, via normal update channels, provides improvements to Snagit’s functionality with Mac’s new Retina display feature.

We’re still working on a permanent solution, this release does not fully embrace the retina screen. For now, Snagit will capture pixel for pixel what you have selected in your region, and when the editor is on a retina screen, it will show your capture at double its size. This only occurs in editor, and does not occur when sharing or saving your captures. The Snagit team’s current top priority is getting Snagit for Mac to fully embrace the Macbook Pro with Retina display, and we’re hoping to have a permanent solution for you in the near future!

If you have any questions about these updates please feel free to submit them to

  • Dan

    how about snagit for iPad

  • Rob Zdrojewski

    Possible Bug in Snagit for Mac 2.1.1 on Macbook Retina– I am unable to capture the cursor/pointer, regardless of checking or unchecking the box within preferences. Really need to capture that cursor so I can draw attention to parts of screen. Can anybody else verify this is the case on Macbook Retina, Snagit version 2.1.1?

  • gene inger

    Interesting item: JING works fine in Windows 7; but on the MacBook Pro Retina using Parallels 8; video captures apparently has too high a resolution to be compatible with ConstantContact (world’s largest email distributor). On a Retina the MAC version works fine; whereas the Windows Version since Parallels 8 came out (Retina support) will not upload. This may not be a ‘bug’ as such; but thought you should know it complicates what works cross-platform (to wit: one must use close-platform (the MAC version to capture a Windows chart or graph). User is compelled to use SnagIt in JPEG for pics too; as PNG also no longer uploads. Main problems using Snagit: no ‘library’ (like ‘history in Jing’) so if you are distracted and do something else before an upload or post; it’s hard to figure out what happened to your capture. Also; there is no PIP; so you can’t fade between screencapture and the live person doing the commentary. A mix of JING & SnagIt would be great; or just keep JING going at a higher price rather than abandoning it…realize that many of your customers are loyal and love JING; with MPEG / HTML 5, and do NOT prefer abandoning minimalist (quick & easy) for complexity (really that’s the inverse of the trend is easing the use of graphics captures for consumers and busy businessmen)… FYI on the first issues; ‘please’ on keeping JING and monetizing it so you can make a profit on it. Thanks!

    • TechSmith

      Hi Gene, thanks for your feedback. I’ll forward this along to the product manager. You should be able to use the library in Snagit to find previous captures. Are you not seeing that feature in your installation of Snagit?

  • Joseph Linaschke

    I updated Jing Pro on my retina MBP and I don’t see what’s changed… the UI is still low resolution, and as far as I can see the capturing isn’t any different. Here’s a jing capture of a jing capture…

  • Peggy Nava

    New to Jing –I have a Mac 10.8.5 –not a pro. Haven’t been able to find the specs for Jing! I downloaded it but it says it can’t open on my computer. What do I need?

  • Loren

    Can you add the feature that enables me to capture the screen and directly print to the default printer?

    • Tyler

      I would love this too. Print from Jing!!!!!!

  • paulhelmick

    Praying you will keep Jing alive. I use it 10x a day with clients, etc. So simple, easy and fast for pics/videos. We own multiple copies Mac and PC of camtasia and Snagit for doing screencasts, editing, etc – but find the standalone SnagIt to be extremely ‘unsimple’ and frustrating to use for the constant snap/snaring and seamless uploading of screenshots or vidcaps to our screencast account. I hope that you do not deprecate or abandon the Jing product and try to force/replace it with Snagit because the simplicity and streamlined tool is what is very much worth paying for.

    • sam

      I completely agree!!!! Its the only thing I have found that is simple and easy to use. If something isn’t broken don’t fix it!

    • RobbA

      +1 please keep it going…!!

    • David

      I agree with you, Paul! Camtasia is great, but SnagIt is not a valid replacement for Jing. I use Jing more than 100x / day!

    • Dave Greg

      Techsmith, I am hoping you will listen to your customers and keep Jing going. Like many others here, I use Jing numerous times a day.

    • NVTech

      I agree with Paul. Keep it up!

  • Ed Watkins

    Love the personality of Jing! A great product.

  • dan

    ever get feeling jing lovers are being ditched by TechSmith?

  • Foster

    I agree with @paulhelmick:disqus. Please keep Jing Pro going. Snagit is definitely not as user friendly or quick to use as Jing.

  • BigBoomerDan

    I am a Microchip nitwit… but have common sense… Jing is a wonderful EASY to use screenshot tool… I emplore you to continue this as there is a wide gap between us nitwits and the ones brought up with a keyboard in their hand instead of a pacificer …
    Call it an ” Act of Kindness” to us….

  • Croisan

    My jing popup message says I have to upgrade Jing in 14 days. What happens if I am not able to get it upgraded that quickly? My son, the family tech is gone on vacation and my PC is locked down.

  • Yvonne F. Brown

    I don’t understand why the new version insists that I install .NET. I don’t want that on my computer. Is there a way to do the update without installing .NET? I am not on Windows 8 yet and won’t be for awhile.

    • Kristen E.

      I too am hoping that there’s a way to update Jing without installing .NET! I find Jing to be an excellent tool and am hoping I won’t be forced to find an alternative…

      • Daniel Foster

        Hi Yvonne and Kristen – Jing has required .NET all along; the Jing update takes advantage of some improvements in the newer version of .NET. Tiffany, the product manager for Jing, posted some additional details on our feedback forum.

    • Chris

      I have the same problem like Yvonne, I get the message that my old version will only be available for the next 2 weeks and I should install .NET. I don’t want this as I am not on Windows 8 yet, either.

      • Snapey

        Agree with Chris and Yvonne – my Jing, which was a great tool, has just stopped working right in the middle of preparing an important document. and I haven’t got admin rights to install the upgrade, whether I want to or not. Very disappointed – I love the tool, but hate being forced into upgrading :-(

  • Krishna Everson

    I’m getting a cannot execute message when trying to update jing, without the update I can’t use the share functions. HELP!

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi Krishna – sorry you’re getting an error message. Please get in touch with our tech support group and they will set things right: (Ask a Question tab)

  • ByeJing

    Good Bye Jing! There is no way I’m going to install MICROSOFT NET on my machine. A had two computer behind me totally destroyed by MICROSOFT NET. I don’t understand why TechSmith doing brilliant programs decide to depend on NET.

    • AB

      Yep, Good Bye Jing. Do you know of a good alternative out there?

  • Simeon Amburgey

    Just upgraded to the latest Snagit using the Jing upgrade promotion. Already I can tell with Snagit that it is not as sleek on the outset as much as Jing has been. Jing’s concept is very fast, flexible and entertaining. it has a nice feel of transparency that just gets right to the heart of what you are wanting to accomplish. not too many frills, fast and efficient. I hope my Snagit experience plays out well in the end.

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi Simeon, we have some changes to Snagit in the works to accommodate a more Jing-like workflow. But it’s always helpful to hear what, specifically, you like about Jing that is missing from your Snagit experience. Any details you can share as you make the transition would be appreciated!

      • Joseph Linaschke

        I’m sorry that so many people are dissing on Snagit. I’ve been a long time Jing user and loved it and was holding off moving until I had to due to all the messages being posted here. But now that I have, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. AFAIK everything we had is still there, plus more options.

        I would guess that the majority of complaints stem from there being *too many* options. I can appreciate the super simple interface from before, and yes it’d be great to get a minimized UI back (as an option) where we can just have the basics — arrows, text, boxes. Perhaps a UI that only shows your “favorite” tools would be a good way to go.

        The only real change I’d like to see is that he UI around the screen capture automatically sizes to the capture, as it did with Jing. That kept the tools as close as possible, plus if I was doing a bunch of small captures, I could arrange them on the screen before doing anything with them more easily.


        • Renee Badra

          Thank you for your kind suggestions Joseph, I am passing them along to our Jing & Snagit Product Manager. Have a great day!

  • RepReboot

    Don’t get rid of Jing!! I’ve used it for years, and Camtasia is WAY overkill for my needs and SnagIt… well, honestly? SnagIt sucks.

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi there – just to clarify, Jing Pro is going away…but you can keep using the free version of Jing.

      We appreciate hearing any ideas, like your OneLoad suggestion. If you want to post that to our feedback forum, it would get the most attention there and we can see who else might want it:

  • RepReboot

    Sorry had another comment… you know what would be an AWESOME addition to Jing? Interfacing with a site like for sharing.

  • Westport

    I use Jing 1000 times a day and could not agree more with paulhelmick. Jing is one of my favorite applications in the world. I tried Snagit, haaaaattttted it sorry. It does not have a key feature I use which enables me to upload the video to my ftp site in a single butting click and then stores the link in my clipboard so I can past it into a skype message or email. (So awesome!). I won’t use any package that does not have that feature. I do wish I could do longer vids on Jing though. Other than that, its like Heinz Ketchup, Perfect.

  • Ken

    How about 2 versions, a simple, quick one like Jing, (that doesn’t require microsoft problems) and snaggit for those who want something more– I personally think simpler can be better for many uses of Jing….. please listen to your users….

  • Christian

    I don’t understand this update at all!!!!
    What is going on!
    Why do I have to instal .Net?

    OK – Now I done it, and here about 3 weeks later I am again getting the same message again.
    Is this just a stunt to make us all come up here and discuss ad connect on social media or what is going on.
    I will personally be happy to PAY just so that you kan LEAVE JING AS IT IS.
    Jing is my most important way to communicate with my programmer and now I see it go away.
    I allready ditched Jing on 4 other computers becaus it got too complicated to make all the updates.

  • Daniel Foster

    Just a quick note of clarification: Jing has always required the .NET framework to be installed. In 2010, Jing started to require .NET 3.5 instead of .NET 3.0. Currently, Jing requires .NET 4.0, which gives the app a major performance boost. If you have feedback about this requirement, please let the product manager know on this thread:

  • LEKushmaul

    We have snapit now with Windows 7. I don’t know that I still need Jing.

  • Rickbischoff

    тнNχ!¤ ° ★° Capture Saved ☼

  • Chris

    Hi, I just read that I can use the old JING only 4 days longer and should upgrade Jing for Windows 8 which I do not use. I purchased Snagit, but find it too complex and not as user friendly as JING.

  • Bob Voltzmann

    My Jing will quit in 19 hours? I supposedly upgraded about a month ago. I don’t see anything in the new version that I really need on my Windows XP machine. Why are you bothering your loyal users?

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi Bob – Jing checks in periodically with the mothership to keep itself up to date. This helps keep it running optimally for everyone. Hopefully it’s a quick download and install, as we definitely don’t want to be a bother!

  • Carpos

    You stop you agressive and intruding pop-ups forging customers to uograde!