LIVE EVENT: Screencast Camp 2013

Update: Screencast Camp has come and gone. Over the next month or so we’re going to take our recordings from the sessions and post them on here on the blog.

It’s a time that a lot of us here at TechSmith look forward to each year – Screencast Camp. We’ve invited 100 people to come join us for a free weekend to get more in-depth on the how to’s, the what for’s, and the here’s why of screencasting. We’re kind people though and don’t want to limit the participation to just 100 folks – so we’re going to stream the main sessions live all day Saturday and Sunday. So you, dear reader and blog follower, can watch from home – in your pajamas (Disclaimer: Attendees at Screencast camp are required to be appropriately dressed.) You can even chat with us, just use the chat window below the stream.

What’s on the schedule? Good question… we won’t know until Friday evening, because that’s when the entire session schedule get’s created. It’s really an amazing process. We come together, throw out ideas, and then put on a conference with 50 sessions! We’ll post the schedule at – anything in the Main Conference Room with be streamed. We’re also going to use Google Docs to create live notes. Campers and a room ambassador will be taking notes for all of the sessions which we will share out with everyone.

The stream will run from Saturday 9:00 AM EST until 5:30 PM (We take lunch 12 PM – 1:30 PM) and again on Sunday from 9:00 AM until 12 PM. Can’t watch it live? We’re recording the main sessions and will share them out later.

  • Greg West

    Thanks Matt and all involved, for such an amazing time at Screencastcamp 2013. From the sharing of ideas to the 50+ “Unconference” sessions, I learned so much this weekend, not just on screencasting, but ideas for studio setups, the importance of lighting, storyboarding, mobile technology and its use in video creations and sooooo much more.

    The best part of all was the other screencasters and TechSmith employees who attended this amazing event. Networking and and learning was my high point of the weekend. Seeing the “behind the scenes” was especially important for me, as watching and listening to videos is no comparison to meeting the people involved in person and being right there LIVE to ask and learn and share…This is part of what makes TechSmith stand out from the others. They actually care!

    Thanks again for hosting the 2013 TechSmith Screencastcamp, I truly look forward to next year’s event…And of course THE FORGE video podcast (Matt told me to add this in lol).

    Now I must begin the process of sorting through all my notes, the Google docs that were created during this event, the Twitter posts, and so much more as I continue my screencasting journey. See you all in Cyberspace!!

    Oh yes, and Betsy (@betsyweber) we missed you this year, take care of that foot and looking forward in seeing you at SCREENCASTCAMP 2014!!



    make sure you take care of that foot, we want to see you back in action at Screencastcamp 2014!!

    Oh yes, and Betsy (Oh yes, and Betsy ( make sure you take care of that foot, we want to see you back in action at Screencastcamp 2014!! make sure you take care of that foot, we want to see you back in action at Screencastcamp 2014!!

  • Chris Guld

    So sorry we couldn’t make it this year. Sure enjoyed it last year! And we’re loving the new green screen feature in Camtasia. Here’s our first effort: Looking forward to seeing some of the session recordings online.

    • Greg West

      Good job for first try at Chroma Keying