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Geek Crafts at ScreencastCampCampfires, s’mores, BBQ, tech, geek crafts, sporks and lots of screencasters. What more could you ask for over a weekend?

Mark your calendars for our third ScreencastCamp on August 2 – 4, 2013! Once again, we’re having it at our TechSmith offices in the lovely Lansing, Michigan area.

Already sold on it? Register now (it’s free to attend!)

Update 5/8: We’ve filled the 100 spots available for ScreencastCamp but have opened a wait list. If you register you’ll be added to the wait list and notified if a spot opens up.

We also hope to offer live streaming from at least one room during the event, and notes or recordings from as many sessions as we can. Please join the conversation in the comments about how we can best deliver the session content to you.

What is ScreencastCamp?

I know some of you are wondering, “What in the world is this ScreencastCamp thing?” ScreencastCamp is a gathering of screencasters and visual communication aficionados wanting to network, learn, and collaborate on the art of screencasting.

ScreencastCamp is an un-conference that follows the BarCamp model. What does that mean? It means you, the participants, pick, lead, and share your knowledge in sessions, discussions, and demos. The program is not set beforehand. It’s created the first day by the attendees in an open learning environment. Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn is welcome and invited to join.

Want to know what’s so great about ScreencastCamp? Hear from attendees in this video:

Can’t see the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube!

Also, check out some pics from past ScreencastCamps:

Can’t see the slideshow above? View it on Flickr.

It’s free to attend. We will even let you camp out in our offices at TechSmith or on our lawn! If camping isn’t your thing, there are plenty of hotels within walking distance. TechSmith will feed you too! Find out more info and register at the ScreencastCamp website.

Will I see you there? I’ll bring the sporks!

For ScreencastCamp updates, be sure to connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • Kurrykid

    FYI…There are a few places in the registration process that still references 2012. We are registered and looking forward to the event. Had a great time last year!

    • TechSmith

      Thanks for the head’s up! We’ll track those down and get them updated.

  • Scoop0901

    many BarCamps are/have Web-based. Are you doing any/all of the ScreencastCamp online?

    • TechSmith

      Hi Dave – we’re still working out the details of which sessions to stream and which to capture.

      The 2011 content is posted to the ScreencastCamp wiki and we’ll try to update that soon with 2012 content.

      • Scoop0901

        thank you.

  • Scott Skibell

    Looking forward to it, guys!

  • profesional web design

    Great post.. Keep it up the same work..

  • Struggling Entrepreneur

    Earlier you mentioned that you are discussing possible streaming of some sessions. Besides possible streaming of the sessions, would you have a library available of the sessions recorded, to which someone can “subscribe” or purchase a “ticket” of some sort to have access to the recordings, in case the individual cannot attend in person?

    • piercemr

      Hi Struggling Enterpreneur… So last year we tried recording every session at Screencast camp. It was a great idea, really, until we realized afterwards that it is hard to view and hear the sessions. Since most participants come to screencast without a formal presentation (i.e. PowerPoint or screen content), there’s really only the conversation to record. So this year, minus the sessions we stream, we are going to have a note-taker in each session. The notes will be taken in a Google Doc. The link to these docs will be shared so participants in the session can add to the information, along with a designated individual. We will make the links to these docs available as well. While I feel like video is probably the best way for anyone not able to participate to get the information, with at least 5 concurrent sessions, it will be difficult to get it all. Any of the sessions that are streamed will be recorded. You can in fact watch last year sessions on our YouTube channel: — these and future sessions will be made available free of charge. :)

      • Struggling Entrepreneur

        Thank you for your reply. I think the video recordings you had last year were ok for a -Camp event. However, I would suggest that, in addition to your notes and documents, it would be a very simple effort to record the AUDIO and include them with the docs –as a podcaster, I see great value in audio with the equivalent of “show notes” or “tech notes” or “google doc notes.” It would add a great deal of value — if not for all the sessions, then for the majority of them that you can record. Written notes without any audio media (or video) would lose a lot of value, I feel.
        Perhaps you might reconsider audio recordings to accompany the docs?

        • piercemr

          HI again, sorry for not responding yesterday, I was out of the office at an event.

          This is definitely something we’ll consider. I want to make sure that we are getting this great information out there in a way that is usable. I also am considering the logistics of recording sessions at the event as well. If we do end up recording – how would you like to access those? a podcast on iTunes? On SoundCloud? Some other format? Any ideas or suggestions on post-event distribution are welcome.

          We’ll see what we can to make sure we capture the right information and make it usable as possible.

          Thanks again for your suggestion!

  • Carol Kubota

    When and where is the next screen casting camp?