ScreenChamp 2013: And the Winner Is…

What an incredible year for the ScreenChamp Awards! The 2013 competition had many firsts: a record number of entries (230+), a double category winner, and an incredibly heated People’s Choice Award competition. Let’s break it down!

Watch Episode 33 of The Forge

ScreenChamp judges Matt Pierce (Host, The Forge) and Steve Garfield (Videoblogging Pioneer) announce the winners live and discuss this year’s finalists:

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Training & Tutorial and Sales & Marketing

Completely unprecedented for the ScreenChamp Awards, there was one winner for two separate categories! Claude Des Forges swept the awards with his Training & Tutorial entry, Email Marketing Tutorial, and his Sales & Marketing entry, How Screen Capture Can Save You Money. Congrats to Claude for having the best videos in both categories! (And a bonus congratulations to Claude for having our title—The Forge—in his last name. Right on!) Watch Claude’s award-winning videos:

Email Marketing Tutorial

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How Screen Capture Can Save You Money

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Work and Power by Ashlie Smith took home the top spot in the Education category. Judge Steve Garfield praised it for using “visuals that tell a little story and help me remember.” See for yourself below:

Work and Power

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Wild Card

Ben Rimes’ screencast How To: Screen Record Your iPad took 1st Place in the difficult-to-judge Wild Card category. Short and sweet, this video won the judges over with it’s sense of humor. See for yourself:

How To: Screen Record Your iPad

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The People’s Choice Award

This year’s competition was sizzling hot, hot, hot! What started as a 16-person competition quickly turned into two-player game. Neck-and-neck almost the entire month of December, Ben Rimes and Francis Joseph Seriña soared above their competition with a combined 1,800+ YouTube likes. In the final days, Francis Joseph Seriña squeaked ahead to become the People’s Choice Winner. The final tally was Seriña’s 962 likes vs. Rimes’ 841 likes. Thanks to you both for making this such a fun and heated competition! Here is Francis Joseph Seriña’s top-voted vid:

The 5 Love Languages (Introduction)

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The Forge Episode 33 highlights

0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Intro Steve Garfield
2:48 – Judging criteria
4:30 – Training & Tutorial montage of finalists
5:26 – Training & Tutorial discussion
10:38 – Training & Tutorial Winner announced live – Claude Des Forges
11:28 – Marketing & Sales montage of finalists
12:20 - Marketing & Sales discussion
19:44 - Marketing & Sales Winner announced live – Claude Des Forges
20:33 – Shoutout to sponsor
21:29 – Education montage of finalists
22:19 – Education discussion
27:38 – Education Winner announced live – Ashlie Smith
28:16 – Wild Card introduction
29:28 - Wild Card montage of finalists
30:12 – Wild Card discussion
32:52 – What makes a good video?
36:00 – Wild Card Winner announced live – Ben Rimes
37:24 – People’s Choice Awards discussion
39:10 – People’s Choice Award announced live - Francis Joseph Seriña
40:13 – Outtros

Next Episode

Look out for the next episode of The Forge, coming at you on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 1:00PM EST! From all of us at The Forge, enjoy your Holiday Season and Have a Happy New Year!

  • ScottSkibell

    This year’s crop of entries was fantastic! To all the nominees, thanks for the inspiration. Each year, they’ve gotten better and better. It’s fun to see the evolution and I can’t wait to see what people do next year.

    And TechSmith, thank you. I know it takes a lot of work and expense to pull this off each year. IMHO, you’re helping all of us learn from each other, create better solutions, and be more effective – in whatever category we’re in. You’re moving the industry forward and truly making a difference in so many ways that can’t be measured.

    Congratulations to ALL the nominees!

    • David Patton

      Hi Scott! I totally agree–this year’s nominees were fantastic! We love facilitating this friendly competition and it’s our pleasure to see screencasting tools being used in such new and creative ways. We learn just as much about the state of our industry by watching these screencasts as anyone else! I can’t wait for next year, too!

  • Francis Joseph Seriña

    Great job TechSmith! This competition is amazing as it gives opportunities for teachers to showcase their talent. May TechSmith grow further and continue improving education.

    I hope people did learn something new and get to apply it in their lives.

    Thanks to all those who voted and for the health competition!

    • David Patton

      Thanks Francis! You did an incredible job motivating your fan base to vote for your vid. It was exciting for us in the office to watch you and Ben go at it. You two were truly the “breakout” stars of this year’s competition. Enjoy your new DSLR, you earned it! And I look forward to seeing in action for next year’s competition! ;-)

    • Greg West

      “May TechSmith grow further and continue improving education.”

      I couldn’t agree more, Francis!!

      • David Patton

        And I second that emotion! :-)

  • Greg West

    WOW!! 230+ video entries. The judges had their work cut out for them with such good quality and unique entries.

    Hats off to everyone who participated. Just imagine the combined hours that went into this event, the planning and production efforts. All the sceencast participants need to stand up and smile. You did great!!

    TechSmith, tack a bow again. You offer a fantastic platform for screencasters to force themselves to try their best at video production and at the same time share in on such a fun event, the people hours, cost and energy it takes to put on such a contest is something to behold.

    All the videos I viewed are winners. I am sure everyone agrees, by watching many of these videos, all of us have picked up a tip or two that can help enhance our future screencasts, and for that, I thank everyone who participated. It just keeps on getting better each year.

    Well done!!

    • piercemr

      HI Greg,

      Thank you for you comments! We appreciate the support – but really we can’t do this without great entries and contestants!

      We started the ScreenChamp Awards as a way to recognize outstanding screencasts, and have worked hard to make this about the industry (not our products). We want everyone to be able to make great videos! We’re committed to making that a possibility.

      We hope to make next year’s event even better and have the competition be even closer! Thanks again for your kind words, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

      Matt Pierce
      Host of the Forge

    • David Patton

      Hi Greg! Yes, it was quite a challenge with all the great entries! We had an entire team dedicated to watching and reviewing the screencasts. Countless hours! But you know what? We get as much out of the process as (hopefully) our participants do. A great way to connect with our customers directly and see all the awesome content they are creating.

      I agree, there are tons of tips and tricks to learn from watching these vids. Keep an eye on our blog in the new year, as we will be talking with some the winners about their methods and production techniques :-)

  • Harry

    I think this competition is so amazing. It’s a chance for teachers to show their talent.

    I hope TechSmith should grow further and have more competition like this.


    Work at

    • David Patton

      Yeah, it’s wonderful to watch and reward the work of these awesome educators! Tech is really changing the nature of education, and these teachers are at the forefront. (Wish school was like this when I went…lol)

  • rockwood

    Claude Des Forges’ videos are nothing short of impressive – would love to know what tools were used to produce them.