ScreenChamp Awards – Last chance to win a Canon T3i DSLR camera!

The deadline is looming! Do not delay, the time to submit your screencast is now! Put your screencasting chops to work, sift through your best work from the past year, or make your first-ever screencast and trust beginner’s luck. Doesn’t matter when you created it, for what purpose, or what tools you used…we want to see your entry for the 2nd annual ScreenChamp Awards! You could win some SUH-WEEET prizes and a custom-crafted trophy. Submission deadline is Monday, October 15th at 5pm EST. (See official rules for all the gloriously lawyerly details)

Please visit our Screenchamp page to enter! Need something to give you inspiration? Watch this video and get ready to ruuuummble!!!

Can’t see the video? Click here to watch on YouTube.

  • Rich Wersinger

    G’Day Techsmith Folks! I submitted three screencasts for your Screenchamp competition. One on Friday, Oct. 12th, and two today, Sunday, Oct. 14th. Sadly I received no email confirmation from y’all! Your Web site responded to my submissions with the message that you had received them. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, though, for giving the chance to compete! Cheers, Rich

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi Rich – sorry about the lack of an email response. We have it set up to come from but possibly things are being filtered between their server and your inbox. I checked the folder of entries, though, and we have three entries from you. Best of luck! :)

      • Rich Wersinger

        G’Day Daniel, thanks so much! I’m so glad you’ve received my humble entries! And thanks for wishing me luck! Cheers, Rich