TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome Beta Available Now!

UPDATE: 11/13/2013: TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome™ beta has been updated. Some of the new beta improvements include: a brand new icon, a text tool for annotations has been added, improved annotation controls, faster synching, sharing from the library view, improved searching, easier to delete annotations, and more library controls. Existing beta users will be updated automatically and new users will get the updated app when they sign up for the beta.

We are so excited that TechSmith Snagit for Google Chrome is coming to the Chrome Web Store! Thanks to everyone who participated in the Google+ Hangout on Air! It’s always a pleasure to talk directly with our users, and we received a lot of great questions.

Google+ Hangout on Air Replay

Can’t view the video above? Watch the Google+ Hangout on Air Replay with enhanced viewing:

Some highlights from the discussion, featuring Troy Stein—Education Solutions Specialist, Kelly Rush—Product Marketing Manager, and Brian Bennett—Customer Solutions Engineer:

  • TechSmith Snagit for Chrome beta available now!
  • Version 1.0 will be released on November 19th, 2013 in the Chrome Web Store
  • Although screencasting is not included in this initial release of Snagit for Chrome, it is the #1 priority for upcoming releases. We are working with Google to overcome some technical hurdles to fully realize this feature
  • Users must download the Snagit for Chrome app and the extension in the Chrome Web Store

Beta Now Available

As announced in the Google+ Hangout on Air, we are now accepting beta testers for Snagit for Chrome! To sign up, add your email address to this form and we will send you the beta along with further instructions:

Beta Feedback

Once you are in the beta test, please leave us your feeback at! Questions, problems, ideas and even praise–we want to hear it all! Your interactivity is integral to the success of the beta. Thanks!

  • Kelly Rush

    Hey, awesome, you made me the screenshot for the post…thanks… ;)

  • Christian

    You’re using Hangouts and Google Drive, so why doesn’t your blog have a “+1″ button for Google+? After all, it doubles as a solid team intranet a la Yammer. :-)

    • David Patton

      Thanks for the feedback. We are intending to update this blog with a refresh. So stay tuned…. ;-)

      • Christian

        All fixed!

        • David Patton

          Just added the additional share buttons week! Way to keep us honest, Christian! ;-)

  • Adam DeWitt

    I like the simplicity of Snagit, but I need to be able to paste an annotated image into a fillable form for state reporting and data collection; a URL to the image won’t suffice. Other tools offer that functionality to right click, copy, and paste. Is it possible to add copy/paste to the URL copy for sharing?

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi Adam – we don’t have copy/paste in Snagit for Chrome yet but it would be a great thing to request in our feedback community. The product team is reviewing all the feature requests posted there, and sharing status updates as they are implemented.

  • Some guy whining on free stuff

    I love it, theoretically. As a teacher I would pay handsomely for it too! If it worked. The problem for me is simply that the videos hardly ever seem to save. Which is really frustrating when you sit down and give a student a twenty five minute walkthrough of their essay only to find your library empty AGAIN and the snagit window telling you AGAIN that you need to install the extension when the Chrome store shows I have both the app and the extension. I wouldn’t mind if it crashed now and then – as it warns me in the beta prompt – but it’s flat out not working. I don’t get the point of leaving up the function that creates the video if the storage sync with Drive is clearly out. Good luck getting it up and running. My school will be the first on the bandwagon when you get it running.

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi guy :)

      Losing your recording sucks. We believe the free stuff should work just as well as the stuff you pay for, so we offer free tech support to deliver on that. Since the problem you describe will take some troubleshooting to track down, the best method for getting help will be to open a case with our support team: They are super smart, diligent, and usually respond within a couple of hours during weekdays.

      Looking forward to getting this resolved for you!