5 Tips for Planning Your Big Move with Snagit

So you're in the midst of planning your big move and you suddenly realize it's a much more overwhelming process than you originally anticipated. You need a way to research different apartments and houses, plan out floor plans, and collaborate all of these things with the important people in your life. Thankfully, Snagit can help you out. Compare Housing If you're moving into a different apartment or buying a new home you'll want to compare anything from prices to kitchen cabinets, and everything Continue reading

Adding Reusable Bouncing Arrows in Camtasia for Mac

Wouldn't it be great if you could animate arrows in your video to point out what's really important? And what about making those animated arrows seem like they bounce to make them more interesting? Then, wouldn't it also be amazing if, after all of that work, you could save those fancy arrows to use elsewhere? Well, my friends, today you're in luck, because that's exactly what this tutorial is about. Now I know it's a bit longer than normal, but hopefully you'll find it chock full of other Continue reading

Camtasia for Mac 2.3 Release – Sketch motion callouts, keystroke callouts, and more

Upgrade to Camtasia for Mac 2.3 today to enjoy more options for editing and enhancing your videos! WHAT'S NEW IN CAMTASIA FOR MAC 2.3 Sketch Motion Callouts: Draw attention to specific areas with a professional, animated look. Keystroke Callouts: Automatically capture any keyboard shortcuts used during recording and show them off as a graphic in your video. Copy/Paste Annotations: Easily copy and paste annotations and media between projects. Add New Tracks: Camtasia for Mac now Continue reading