A Tale of Two Experiments (Updates on Ask3 & ScreenChomp)

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Since it is still National Reading month, I cannot think of a more fitting start to this blog post than those famous words of Charles Dickens. I’ll be honest what I'm going to share today is probably not going to be “best of time” type news for most of you. Granted, I hope that in the end you will not be feeling it is the “worst of times” either. Now back to the story… A little over a year and half ago in October of 2012 TechSmith Continue reading

A Peek Behind the Curtain: Introducing TechSmith Education Labs

We are excited to announce the newly-redesigned TechSmith Education Labs team! The team first formed in the summer of 2012 to build the Ask3 experiment. The Ask3 team deeply immersed itself with educators and built some great energy around TechSmith’s ability to positively impact education. So in September 2013 we made the decision to expand the focus beyond the Ask3 app to the development of ongoing experiments for innovative educators. Labs, experiments, testing...what does all of this really Continue reading

Ask3 1.8: What 1.7 was supposed to be

We are pleased to announce version 1.8 of Ask3 is now available in the App Store. You may have noticed we didn't put out a lot of information about 1.7 and part of that is because 1.7 didn't really have everything we wanted in it because we wanted to make sure we had a version of Ask3 that worked on iOS 7 as close the the iOS 7 release as possible. So, Ask3 1.8 is really everything we wanted 1.7 to be but couldn't because we had to split things up a bit. Our goal with these last two releases has Continue reading

Ask3 as a Concept Car

Ask3 is a like a concept car. We don't sell it. We are testing ideas for future products and conversing with like-minded teachers about the possibilities. High Performing Team Ask3 is our experiment in collaborative education: We are attempting to turn a group of self-focused individual students into a highly collaborative, high-performing team. As former teachers, we know the power of students teaching students. Initially, we chafed when a student repeated our own words to another student, Continue reading

Ask3 and Peer Feedback

Erin Mastin's 1st grade classroom is *awesome!* Where else can I read/sing Doctor Seuss, get hugs and a birthday invitation to Emily Rose's birthday party? Forget the fact that I just met her and that her birthday is in 6 months. So awesome! Erin's students have been learning a bit about grammar from each other with Ask3. Here's a quick video of their peer feedback: Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. Erin was kind enough to answer these questions: Please note: I initially wanted Continue reading

Ask3 with More Class

The newest version of Ask3 supports multiple classes, so it can now reflect your schedule: Teaching next semester? Create a new class! Teaching five sections? Create five classes! Teaching PD? Create one for that, too! Ask3 with multiple classes is free in the App Store. As always, we'd love to hear what you think, and what you'd like us to work on next! - Troy & the Ask3 Team Continue reading

Upcoming: 1 to 1 iPad Use With TechSmith and EdReach

Summer is winding down, and we know teachers are looking for tools to start the year off on a good foot. To help you prepare for that new 1 to 1 iPad program (or continue your 1 to 1 program) TechSmith Education will be co-hosting a Google+ Hangout On Air with EdReach on using Ask3 in your 1 to 1 iPad classroom. Rebecca Wildman, an elementary teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator in Boyne City, Michigan, will lead the 45 minute workshop on how she used Ask3 with her students to stimulate and Continue reading