Add More Zing to Your Camtasia for Mac Screencasts with Snagit

Camtasia for Mac gives us a lot of options for capturing and annotating our screencasts: screen video capture, web cam, audio, importing media, callouts, arrows, blur, etc. However, sometimes you need--or just want--more. It's then that you may want to turn to Snagit, Camtasia's beloved sibling, to pitch in. Some of the things I import from Snagit to Camtasia are: Custom annotations (like curvy arrows!) Stamps (cursors, more styles of keyboard keys, etc.) Still screen captures (as-is Continue reading

Adding Reusable Bouncing Arrows in Camtasia for Mac

Wouldn't it be great if you could animate arrows in your video to point out what's really important? And what about making those animated arrows seem like they bounce to make them more interesting? Then, wouldn't it also be amazing if, after all of that work, you could save those fancy arrows to use elsewhere? Well, my friends, today you're in luck, because that's exactly what this tutorial is about. Now I know it's a bit longer than normal, but hopefully you'll find it chock full of other Continue reading

Fun with LEGOs at TechSmith

Did you know that LEGO is the contraction of two Danish words, “leg godt” which means “play well”? Around TechSmith, one thing we know how to do is play! Each Christmas we create a new and creative calendar to send out for the holidays. A couple of years ago, the calendar was a LEGO set that could be rebuilt each month to correspond with the amount of days in that particular month. It turns out that it could also be built into any kind of creation that the imagination could conjure Continue reading

Camtasia for Mac 2.3 Release – Sketch motion callouts, keystroke callouts, and more

Upgrade to Camtasia for Mac 2.3 today to enjoy more options for editing and enhancing your videos! WHAT'S NEW IN CAMTASIA FOR MAC 2.3 Sketch Motion Callouts: Draw attention to specific areas with a professional, animated look. Keystroke Callouts: Automatically capture any keyboard shortcuts used during recording and show them off as a graphic in your video. Copy/Paste Annotations: Easily copy and paste annotations and media between projects. Add New Tracks: Camtasia for Mac now Continue reading

Turn ANY Snagit 11 Image into a Camtasia Studio 8 Callout!

It is quick and easy to turn any image in Snagit Editor into a custom callout in Camtasia Studio 8. Here are the basic instructions: From Snagit Editor, click the Share tab. Click the Camtasia Studio 8 output button. (Or, in Camtasia Studio, click the Import Media button and open an existing image.) The image is now in the Camtasia Studio clip bin. Drag the image to the timeline. To add text, double-click it. The Callout task page appears for text editing. Further customize the callout Continue reading

Creating Advanced Animated Callouts in Camtasia Studio 8

Two of the new features added in CS 8 were animations and grouping. These can be combined with transitions to create some cool animated callout effects. This promotional video from the release (3:53), created by product manager Shane Lovellette, makes nice use of these. In this screencast, I'll show how the animated callouts in the video were created, along with a few other examples: Can't see the embedded video? Watch it on Anyone find other interesting uses for grouping Continue reading

Create an Animated Title Clip Using PowerPoint & Camtasia Studio 8

Perhaps someone out there is a little like me... I enjoy "making" things. With bits of paper, scraps of magazines, fabric, ribbon, wood, etc. To me, nothing feels quite as satisfying as making a unique bit of art from things I have in my craft stash. So, when it comes to using Camtasia Studio, I sometimes like to go outside of the realm of traditional screen recording, plain title clips, or stock art found in the media Library and customize the look of my video with original artwork I create. In Continue reading