Coach’s Eye video analysis app comes to Windows 8.1

Over the past couple of years, TechSmith's video app for capturing and analyzing athletic performance has been massively popular on iOS and Android. Coach's Eye makes it easy to give instant, visual feedback on or off the field. Not only is Coach's Eye being used by coaches, athletes, and Olympians...but by phys-ed teachers, marching bands, dancers and many others. The app makes it easy to: capture or import a video clip narrate and draw over the video, analyze it in slow motion, and Continue reading

Good Form Running At Vine Wine’d 5k Featuring Coach’s Eye

Come For The Run, Stay For The Fun! If you're in the West Michigan area on October 5th, be sure to check out The Vine Wine'd Trail Run 5k and 1 Mile Walk. There will be no shortage of things to do, but make sure to stop by and get your running form critiqued! Striders, a full service running store with multiple locations in the Grand Rapids area, will be providing Good Form Running (GFR) analysis for participants. GFR was invented in Okemos, Michigan, by Playmakers—right down the road from Continue reading

I See Me: Using Video Analysis in the Feedback Loop

We often hear the phrase “seeing is believing”, and often, we take this phrase for granted. It is usually used as a way to express a joke, or casually used in a sentence. Some, however, take this phrase and make it a reality. Graham Mallen is a PE and Psychology teacher currently located at Al Yasmina school, Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates). His resume includes teaching at Thomas Clarkson Community College, Cambridgeshire, UK, Manor School Sports College, Northamptionshire, UK, and Al Continue reading

End November with a stache!

Last year a handful of TechSmithies formed the Coach's Eye team to take on the audacious goal of disrupting the world of athletics by putting high-tech video analysis tools into the hands (and pockets) of coaches and players at every level. Now they are taking on the audacious goal of giving $5,000 to cancer charities and just need to hit 5,000 likes by the end of November to do it! Please help by clicking the button below to "like" the Coach's Eye Facebook page. (Not showing up? Visit and like Continue reading

Exciting Announcement: Coach’s Eye is now on Android!

We are very excited to announce that the wait is over....Coach's Eye is now available on Android! Download it in Google Play and discover all of your favorite Coach's Eye functionality on your Andriod tablet or phone.     What Android devices will Coach's Eye run on? Coach's Eye for Android device requirements: Operating System – 2.3.3 Requires a rear-facing camera Will Coach's Eye Android have the same features as Coach's Eye for iOS? There are some differences, Continue reading

Geeky Sports Fans – Win a Copy of Coach’s Eye

If you're like me, you probably leave your holiday shopping until just about the very last minute. I never intend to but that is what always happens. I've got some good news for other late shoppers like myself - bypass the long lines at the stores and win a copy of Coach's Eye for that geeky sports fan in your life! The Coach's Eye team has come up with a list of their top ten gifts for Geeky Sports Fans. To win a copy of Coach's Eye, share your suggestion of a geeky presents for sports fans Continue reading

Holiday Shenanigans and a Sale

If your family is like mine, the holidays aren't just about relaxing with family. You can pretty much count on some crazy stuff to go down. My family still tells stories about the time we started out shovelling the shed roof and ended up sledding off of it. The year we built fireworks from black powder and chocolate eggs. The Great Marshmallow Gun Wars of 2002. So, yeah, my family is Yooper on both sides. But no doubt you do some crazy things...or at least see some crazy things when you get the relatives Continue reading