Video Tutorials Win (again!): The Unbounce Solution

Written by guest author Gary Allen of Unbounce. At Unbounce, our customers are absolutely critical to our success. As a result, we’re always on the lookout for ways to create better customer experiences. When we asked new customers about what they were looking for, they overwhelmingly responded that video tutorials were the place to start. The Problem When I first started at Unbounce, we had a healthy Knowledge Base filled with mostly text-based support articles, but people were primarily Continue reading

How Many Videos Do You Need To Effectively Flip Your Class? An Interview with Ashlie Smith

This is the first in a series of interviews with the award-winning ScreenChamp 2013 producers. The ScreenChamp Awards are the annual screencasting competition hosted by TechSmith. This year, the competition received over 230+ entries. Ashlie Smith: A New Kind of Educator Ashlie Smith is an 8th Grade Physical Science instructor at Cranbrook Schools, and she recently won the 2013 EDU Category prize for her screencast Work and Power. Since flipping her class a year-and-a-half ago, Smith has Continue reading

“It spread like wildfire.” A district rollout that actually worked.

As we prepared to launch TechSmith Relay, a new enterprise-wide video solution for schools and businesses, we spent a lot of time with pilot site Forest Hills School District in West Michigan to observe how it would be used in the real world. With over 10,000 students in the district, Forest Hills works hard to create active learning environments to better engage students. What we saw there was not the stereotypical top-down approach to technology rollouts but instead a genuine excitement among Continue reading

Tweeteorologists Predict the Weather One Tweet at a Time

David Drobny is a lawyer, husband, coach, and father of two. Similarly, Will Minkoff runs a dental practice, is a husband and also a father of two. However, when David and Will aren't working, they moonlight as weather gurus. Together, they spend their time relaying forecasts and severe weather information, answering weather-related questions for friends and fans, and assisting the National Weather Service as social media coordinators for metro Nashville and the adjacent county to the south. David Continue reading

Ghost Hunting with TechSmith

Scott Morgan Shares Spookiest Findings with Camtasia Can't see the video? Watch it on Scott Morgan knows a thing or two about ghosts. Not the gory, pop-out-when-you-least-expect-it kind, or the ones that crawl out of TVs. Scott knows the ghosts that walk around your bed late at night with big, heavy footsteps. He knows the ghosts that have a presence in the room and whisper, “get out,” when you’ve overstayed your welcome. These creep-tastic events have only encouraged Continue reading

Screencasting Saves Crafters Time, Confusion with Die-Cutting Tools

Darla Haverstock is a lifelong crafter, mother of two and designated “Gadget Girl” in her town on the east coast of Canada. She’s spent years learning the ins and outs of die-cutting software and hardware, which can be as complex and as tedious as you want them to be. Darla decided to make life a little easier for fellow and aspiring crafters alike by sharing her knowledge through classes at a local craft store and online with the help of YouTube and Camtasia. Lifelong crafter Darla Continue reading

Living History: Capturing and Sharing Stories from Relatives Today

Tom Cormier We’ve heard a lot about Genealogists using TechSmith products to capture their research. Be it screenshots of database searches or videos of their family history to share with others, screen capturing is a natural fit with genealogy. However, much of the work genealogists do is long after their ancestors have passed. Many family historians focus on uncovering family stories from years ago, yet family members that are around today often have tons of stories to tell. Our genealogist Continue reading