A Peek Behind the Curtain: Introducing TechSmith Education Labs

We are excited to announce the newly-redesigned TechSmith Education Labs team! The team first formed in the summer of 2012 to build the Ask3 experiment. The Ask3 team deeply immersed itself with educators and built some great energy around TechSmith’s ability to positively impact education. So in September 2013 we made the decision to expand the focus beyond the Ask3 app to the development of ongoing experiments for innovative educators. Labs, experiments, testing...what does all of this really Continue reading

DevCorner: Who develops the software you use?

  Who develops the software you use? Well, it used to be me. I developed much of Snagit in the 1990’s and was the lead developer for the initial Camtasia product. Somewhere along the way life happened and I moved on from software development to growing our development staff, now serving as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TechSmith. I am happy with the software I developed and how it lives on, but I am even more satisfied with growing the people who are developing the software you Continue reading

DevCorner: Introducing Hyde, TechSmith’s first open source project

Today, TechSmith is excited to release its first open source project called Hyde. We developed the library internally to solve problems we've had interacting with Windows Azure Storage. The code and documentation are on Github, and we are also releasing a NuGet package. What is Hyde? Hyde is an Object to Entity mapper for Windows Azure, it hydrates and dehydrates objects to and from storage. Essentially, it maps a row in table storage to a strongly typed C# object and allows CRUD (create, read, Continue reading

Meet up with TechSmith at Agile2012

TechSmithies are hitting the road! A bunch of us are headed to Agile 2012 conference next week nearby Dallas, Texas on August 13-17. This is our 5th time attending this conference. Our experience means that we know the drill and are getting ourselves in prime shape for the sheer volume of learning, sharing, connecting and laughing that is always present at #Agile2012. As if that alone was not enough, we always want to take advantage of opportunities to meet directly with customers. We know Continue reading

Dev Corner – Decltype Keyword

// The keyword decltype is new in Visual Studio 2010 and is available as well in GCC C++.  It is pretty simple you can get a type out of an expression.  I see it used most in cases where you don't want to supply a typedef but would like to use the type of an existing variable; hopefully this example will help illustrate: struct A { int m_n; }; int main() { A a = {4}; decltype(a.m_n) n = 6; //n in the same as A::m_n which in an int a.m_n = n; return 0; } So with Continue reading

Interview With a Lead Developer: Paul Middlin

Who are you, and what do you do? Paul Middlin, Lead Developer on Camtasia:mac How did you find out about TechSmith? Mike Malinak had found the company in 2002, while we were in grad school. Said it was a fantastic place. There were about 40 people here at the time. At first I took his ravings with a grain of salt, but when Tony Lambert was equally impressed, I sought out an interview! What do you like most about working at TechSmith? We really do have an entire company focused on Continue reading

Interview With a Lead Developer: Jim Dusseau

Who are you, and what do you do? Jim Dusseau. I'm a lead developer currently working on Camtasia Relay. I spent the last few months helping out the Coach's Eye team. How did you find out about TechSmith? My manager at my previous company knew I really wanted to develop for the Mac platform. He was a Camtasia Studio user, found out about a mac development position with TechSmith, and let me know about it. What do you like most about working at TechSmith? I think great companies are Continue reading