EDUCAUSE 2013 Presenter Profiles: Dr. Dan Anderson

EDUCAUSE is a conference where higher education IT professionals meet to network and learn from each other to help boost education success. If you missed the first post of the series, check it out. Of course, TechSmith will be there, so be sure to visit us at booth #1531 to learn the how-to's of creating engaging and interactive content to help you teach online. Meet Dr. Dan Anderson: “I've been doing digital work at universities for the last two decades. In my teaching, I focus on educational Continue reading

EDUCAUSE 2013 Presenter Profiles: Jon DeGroot

Here's a link to the first post of this series in case you wanted to know more about EDUCAUSE 2013. Remember, TechSmith will be at booth #1531 this year. Learn about Jon DeGroot: I grew up in Bessemer Michigan in the North woods in a family of 4 boys. Got married to a lovely lady that was one of 4 girls. Currently live in Wausau, Wi with my Wife and 2 children, 1 boy 1 girl. Only 2 for now but it won't be that way for long if my Wife gets her way.  I've been working in higher education for Continue reading

EDUCAUSE 2012 Presenter Profiles: Troy Stein

Meet Troy Stein Troy is a Solutions Architect right here at TechSmith. As part of the EDU team, Troy works with educators to refine the existing teaching methods and build new tools to help teachers help their students. Besides being a TechSmith superhero, Troy is also an erstwhile educator himself (taught German 1991-1993), a father of five, and a ridiculously positive soccer coach of the world's best 3rd grade soccer team in Ann Arbor! A Little Knowledge is a Creative Thing TechSmith products Continue reading

EDUCAUSE 2012 Presenter Profiles: Eric Hamilton

Meet Eric Hamilton Eric Hamilton is a professor at Pepperdine University, where he carries out research in learning technology innovation and learning environments of the future, primarily under support from the National Science Foundation. He also leads what is called a Science Across Virtual Institutes collaboration (SAVI) involving about three dozen researchers in the US and Finland.     Advancing Undergraduate Education With Camtasia Through Mobile and Creative Computing Cycles Eric Continue reading

EDUCAUSE 2012 Presenter Profiles: Rob Mowid

Meet Rob Mowid Rob Mowid is the Product Manager for Camtasia Relay here at TechSmith. He's been working at TechSmith for four years, having started on the Sales side before becoming a Product Manager. He sets direction for where the product is headed by working with and receiving feedback from current and prospect customers.     Fastpath to Anything Capture Stop talking about lecture capture, and start capturing! Plus, you don’t have to limit your capturing to just lectures. Continue reading

EDUCAUSE 2012 Presenter Profiles: Jane Maurer

Meet Jane Maurer Jane Maurer is an Instructional Technologist and Trainer at University of Denver. She is also a Sys Admin for Blackboard, Camtasia Relay, and AdobeConnect servers on campus. She trains and supports faculty in the Daniels College of Business.     Lecture Capture—and more!—For the Masses Lecture capture solutions are helping campuses increase student learning and satisfaction, while improving instructional effectiveness. Unfortunately, many colleges and universities Continue reading

EDUCAUSE 2012 Presenter Profiles: Dave Giberson

Welcome to EDUCAUSE The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is right around the corner this November 6-9 in Denver (and online). EDUCAUSE is a place for higher education IT professionals to network and learn from one another in order to improve the face of education. So I sat down with some of the presenters to get the scoop on what we can look forward to at EDUCAUSE this year. First up, Dave Giberson: Dave Giberson is an Instructional Design Coordinator at San Diego Community College District. Continue reading