Decorate for the Holidays: Fun with Snagit + TechSmith Fuse

Happy December! 'Tis the holiday season, and we're here to help you celebrate with a fun, quick project that's sure to spread some holiday cheer. All you need is Snagit, TechSmith Fuse, and our new, festive stamp set. If you're familiar with Snagit, you've probably used Snagit stamps before - maybe you've used them to mark up a document or add a silly mustache to a coworker. But if you haven't used Snagit stamps, here's your chance to start. Simply download the decoration stamp set. Whoa, Continue reading

Give Dad the gift of geek – 25% off Snagit

Are you hunting for a last minute Father's Day gift? If so, you've probably realized that dads—especially techie ones—are pretty tricky to buy for, huh? Surely, he'll appreciate whatever you end up getting him, but will it be something that simplifies his life and that he wants to use all the time? Here's a secret: it's totally possible to get him something that he will use every single day...without breaking the bank. No, we aren't talking about fancy ties and new watches. They're neat Continue reading

Happy Holidays! A Gift from TechSmith

This month, we encourage you to get festive with lots of free, holiday inspired extras made to help you spice up your captures and recordings! For our Snagit users Check out the snazzy Holiday stamp sets we've created for you this month! In the Holidays set we have included Christmas and Hannukah, along with snowflakes and a tree waiting to be decorated. Look what you can easily create with a simple picture: Our other set is perfect for any age- a special edition gingerbread cookie Continue reading

New Twist on Holiday Tradition: Family Letters with Camtasia

Having trouble viewing this video? Click here to watch on YouTube. With the end of 2012 rapidly approaching, many people are tackling the daunting-yet-rewarding project of holiday cards. And if you’re like me, you will procrastinate until sending cards out to be delivered on time is nothing short of a miracle. Which is why I was inspired by Jeanette Holtman of Minneapolis, Minn. who decided to change her approach to her annual holiday tradition. Meet the Holtmans Nearing the end of 2011, Jeanette Continue reading

Holiday Shenanigans and a Sale

If your family is like mine, the holidays aren't just about relaxing with family. You can pretty much count on some crazy stuff to go down. My family still tells stories about the time we started out shovelling the shed roof and ended up sledding off of it. The year we built fireworks from black powder and chocolate eggs. The Great Marshmallow Gun Wars of 2002. So, yeah, my family is Yooper on both sides. But no doubt you do some crazy things...or at least see some crazy things when you get the relatives Continue reading

Where do you find legal music for your videos?

♪♫ Jingle bells, Jing bells... ♫♪ Adding music to your video can get viewers in just the right mood. But it can also get you in hot water with your legal department or get your video banned from YouTube. Fortunately, there's a growing number of royalty-free and creative commons music sites. You won't get the rights to "We Are the Champions" but you also won't wind up singing "I'm a loser, baby." For the December episode of The Forge, we want to share some of the screencasting community's Continue reading