Ask3 1.8: What 1.7 was supposed to be

We are pleased to announce version 1.8 of Ask3 is now available in the App Store. You may have noticed we didn't put out a lot of information about 1.7 and part of that is because 1.7 didn't really have everything we wanted in it because we wanted to make sure we had a version of Ask3 that worked on iOS 7 as close the the iOS 7 release as possible. So, Ask3 1.8 is really everything we wanted 1.7 to be but couldn't because we had to split things up a bit. Our goal with these last two releases has Continue reading

Ask3 with More Class

The newest version of Ask3 supports multiple classes, so it can now reflect your schedule: Teaching next semester? Create a new class! Teaching five sections? Create five classes! Teaching PD? Create one for that, too! Ask3 with multiple classes is free in the App Store. As always, we'd love to hear what you think, and what you'd like us to work on next! - Troy & the Ask3 Team Continue reading

Ask3 is getting personal… see what’s coming next!

We love competition and the AppMadness13 competition for best, free EDU app is a ton of fun. We're in tight competition, so we're coming out with a full court press in the second half. Years of training are paying off for our teachers and their students. Get a peek into the Ask3 locker room to see what's coming next in Ask3 to help engage students even more in the learning process! Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. Vote for Ask3 and ScreenChomp at! Invite Continue reading

A new kind of March Madness for Ask3. Who is on the team!

I love sports. This week my love of competition and education collided into a world of fun! A quartet of creative teachers created #AppMadness13, with 32 free educational apps vying for the championship. Their hilarious pre-tournament selection process can be watched here: Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. Now, like I said, I love competition. So, we picked up our Ask3 game a notch: 5 am workouts. And as we take the court this week in our first round competition, Jason Valade Continue reading

No home Wi-Fi? Ask3 & Videos To-Go.

For me, teaching is the art of improvisation.  Over time, my lesson plan became, "Use plan B." When we made Ask3, we thought:  "Let's make teachers' lives easier by having kids help each other."  Teachers would then tell us about the students who had iPads, but who didn't have Wi-Fi at home.  Hello, plan B. This week we leveled the playing field for 1-to-1 iPad classes.  Ask3 version 1.3 still: - Makes it easy to make a video screencast from your iPad - Automatically delivers the video Continue reading

Like Adding a 2nd Teacher to the Class

When I was a kid, my job was to tape cardboard boxes.  Rather than spend 60 minutes taping up boxes, I would spend 45 minutes figuring out a better way to tape them and then 30 minutes taping them.  Even as a kid, I remember feeling awesome about learning a new way to work smarter. Last week, I  found a kindred spirit in Lance Yoder from East Noble School Association in Indiana. While we were skyping, I found out that that one of their teachers felt like Ask3 had put another teacher in their Continue reading