Stop Guessing: Improve UX with Eye Tracking from myGaze and Morae

Guest post by Daniel Trifonov Eye tracking should be an essential add-on to any UX study with Morae 3.3. With the help of myGaze® by Visual Interaction, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to include gaze trails in your Morae UX study. So what are “gaze trails”? In simple terms, gaze trails are the paths our eyes take when looking at things like webpages, printed copy, images and more. In this post, I will explore the value of adding gaze trails to user interactions and Continue reading

ISTE Presenter: Jeremy Vanisacker

Jeremy Vanisacker is the Associate Product Manager and Product Manager for Morae at TechSmith Corporation. Jeremy uses Camtasia Studio, Snagit,, and Jing, in addition to working with Camtasia Relay and Morae. He has been with TechSmith since the fall of 2009. ISTE 2011 Presentation: Going Digital Gains Traction in EdTech Video can transform the impact your teaching has by making classroom content available to students 24/7, all semester long. At this presentation, TechSmith's Jeremy Continue reading

Observe and Change… The Easy Way

This week I'm dog sitting my sister's 6 month old puppy, Harry. I had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy in the house! This one little 40 pound change in the household has shaken up everything! I've had to change my routine, puppy proof the house, relearn dog training 101 and hide the toilet paper (he shreds it!). That got me thinking about change. Just by sitting back and observing Harry, I noticed lots of ways I can make small changes around the house (place toilet paper up high on counter, Continue reading

Behind the Scenes – Morae 3 Usability

How do you do usability testing on a usability product? Today's guest blog post comes from Josie Scott. Josie is on our Usability team and she'll share with you how they conducted the studies for Morae 3. Enjoy! No Time? Morae 3 to the Rescue! The turnaround time for studies is tight here at TechSmith like it is everywhere. My partner Casey Wright, working with Camtasia developer Bethany Wenzel, asked me to conduct a quick combination observation study and test of Camtasia's editing screen hotkeys Continue reading

Behind the Scenes – Morae 3 Information Development

Up next in our guest series about the development of Morae 3 is Sally Johnson who is from the Information Development team. With that, I'll let Sally take over this post... Enjoy! Bio: I work as the Information Developer on Morae and UserVue, as part technical writer, ALL user advocate. So, in my little bio line, it says I'm part technical writer. I did create all the help files that you can find in Morae Recorder, Observer, and Manager, but that was the "easy" part of my job. The most important Continue reading

Behind the Scenes – Morae 3 Instructional Design

Just as we did with SnagIt 9, I thought I'd take you behind the scenes at TechSmith and show you how we got to the release of Morae 3. I've asked several people in a variety of departments to share what they did for Morae 3. I hope you find the information and insight useful! So, on that note, let's get started. First up is Conan Heiselt from our Training Department... Morae is one of the most interesting projects I've worked on and especially Morae 3. As an Instructional Designer, my job is to Continue reading

Roadtrip and Morae 3 Screencast with Shane Lovellette

I've been having so much fun in London and Glasgow, that I ran out of time to produce the screencast with Shane last week! That's Ian Smith in the pic to the left from the London Geek Dinner. I have to send a big thank you to the London Geek Dinner Group for the gathering last week. What a fantastic way to kick off the trip! And, a big thank you to Gary Short, Colin MacKay, and Barry Carr for a fine time today in Glasgow! I am truly grateful for everyone's hospitality. Alright, back to the screencast! Continue reading