TechSmith Customer Says it Best

Often times, TechSmith customers say it all for us. Mark Struthers took a few minutes to put together a video about why he uses Camtasia. Take a gander: Can't see the video? Click here. Mark owns Energy Studios and is based in Cheshire, England. Mark is  a freelance web designer, photographer, graphic designer, videographer, recording engineer, and musician with 12 years of experience as a high school teacher. To learn more about Mark, visit his website. Continue reading

Screencast of the Week – Orin Thomas

Today I left Australia and headed to Hawaii. At the end of the day, I logged over 20 hours in the sky (long story) and I have no idea what timezone or even what day it is! I was very sad to leave Australia, but I'm looking forward to my next adventure. While in Australia, I met Orin Thomas, a speaker at the Microsoft TechEd Australia conference (Orin is on the right in the pic. Pete Calvert is on the left). In additional to being a screencaster, Orin is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Continue reading

Screencast of the Week – Behind the Scenes of a Screencast

This week's screencast is from Mel Aclaro. I have to say the title of his blog post about his screencast caught my eye right away - "Camtasia Isn't Just For Screencasting". I picked this screencast for several reasons. Mel recorded his editing session and narrates over it to explain his workflow in Camtasia for Mac. I love how he shares his tips with us. I feel like I'm learning by looking over Mel's shoulder. Mel also shows how he uses branding and captioning and why they are important. The Continue reading

Screencast of the Week – CisionPoint

This week's Screencast of the Week comes from CisionPoint. This screencast uses a few of Camtasia Studio's features like SmartFocus, transitions, and callouts. But... what I really like about this screencast is the ending. They use a little known feature of Camtasia Studio as their call to action... In Camtasia Studio, you can turn your callouts into a Flash Hotspot. These are nice because you can add interactivity to your screencast such as: Direct customers to a link to download your software. Show Continue reading

Screencast of the Week – Speed Painting

I always want to learn and be inspired. Plus, I like to be entertained. And that applies to screencasts as well. :-) Whenever I have a few minutes to take a break, I'll poke around YouTube to see what people are creating with Camtasia. And that leads me to this week's Screencast of the Week. I love these 'Speed Painting' screencasts - I'm always amazed at what people can create just using something as simple as Microsoft Paint. I hope if I watch them enough, I can learn some of their techniques. Continue reading

Screencast of the Week – Google Earth Design

This week's Screencast of the Week comes from Richard Treves on his Google Earth Design blog. There are several reasons I picked this screencast. I like the use of sketch motion callouts to draw viewer attention to certain details in the video. Looks like Richard also used a watermark on the video for his university. I have to say one of my favorite parts about this screencast is not actually part of the video - at the end of Richard's blog post, he shares what he has learned and posted his Camtasia Continue reading

Screencast of the Week –

Winters can be very long in Michigan. One bright spot when we're knee deep in snow is when the seed and plant catalogs start arriving. That's when I start planning for spring and plotting my garden beds. And, being a techie, I like doing this on the computer. I recently heard from about a series of screencasts they made with Camtasia for Mac. is web-based software to help gardeners plan their fruit and vegetable patches. I love that they made a demo screencast of their Continue reading