A Tale of Two Experiments (Updates on Ask3 & ScreenChomp)

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." Since it is still National Reading month, I cannot think of a more fitting start to this blog post than those famous words of Charles Dickens. I’ll be honest what I'm going to share today is probably not going to be “best of time” type news for most of you. Granted, I hope that in the end you will not be feeling it is the “worst of times” either. Now back to the story… A little over a year and half ago in October of 2012 TechSmith Continue reading

ISTE 2013 Presenter Profile: Lori Hochstetler

We're SO excited for ISTE 2013! The TechSmith Education team will be heading down to San Antonio this year for the Annual Conference and Exposition, and we're eager to hang out with all of our presenter pals at our booth. The four day conference begins on June 23rd and ends on June 26th, focusing on advancing and improving education through the use of technology. Not surprisingly, the whole concept is something that we're thrilled to be involved in. Will we be seeing you there? In the weeks leading Continue reading

Screen Capture on Tablets Made Easy

As users of our software will attest, Camtasia makes screencasting a piece of cake on laptop and desktop computers. But did you know that it can also be used for screen capture on tablets running iOS and Android? Today we're serving up three piping hot options for tablet screencasting to suit a variety of needs. So go on, dear reader, and decide which works best for you! Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. 1. The Installation Option The first method is, admittedly, the most complicated. Continue reading

ScreenChomp for Language Learning

Melvina Kurashige Follow @mkurashige // teaches Japanese language to 6th and 8th graders at Mid-Pacific Institute Middle School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her students use TechSmith's recordable whiteboard app ScreenChomp on iPad to improve their skills at speaking and writing Japanese. Students make two types of videos. In the first, two students draw a picture that evokes a real-life situation—such as sharing an umbrella on a rainy day—and then converse about it. Their drawing and speaking Continue reading

Using ScreenChomp to Create Bite-Sized (pun intended) Lessons for Students + New Feature Added Today

Sometimes learning (and life) can be a bit easier when broken down into smaller pieces. Jamey Boelhower uses ScreenChomp to do just that in his English Comp 101 class. The students love it because the lessons are available when they're writing and can call on a particular video in that moment of need. Check out an example and get your daily tautology lesson here: http://www.screenchomp.com/t/6kdZpjcPpE If you'd like to try your hand at this you can download ScreenChomp for free in the iPad App Continue reading

Unlock the Power of Scrolling in ScreenChomp 1.1

We're thrilled that so many of our users are kicking the tires on ScreenChomp! Just in time for the back-to-school crowd, we've released an update that allows you to vertically scroll your Chomp up to three panels. Here's a little demo video inspired by our Chief Evangelist's recent adventure to Australia. Word on the street is that she ate kangaroo, but did not encounter any platypuses. Can't see the video? Click here. The actual Chomp video is here. So, what do you think? How will scrolling Continue reading