Snagit Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday Snagit Sale #TBT


    Use Snagit 12 – Save Time and Stay Organized to Prepare for Taxes


      Create Depth of Field Special Effects With Snagit 12 – Part 2


      Create Depth of Field & Apply Photo Touch ups With Snagit 12 – Part 1

      Release Day

      New releases: Snagit, Camtasia, TechSmith Fuse, and TechSmith Relay all updated

      Mirror Main Image2

        Create a Mirrored Image with Snagit 12

        Butterfly Example

          Create a Unique Work of Art Using Collage With Snagit 12

          flipped classroom

          To Flip or Not to Flip Your Classroom

          Happy New Year from TechSmith!

          Happy New Year from TechSmith!


          Create an Image or Video Mask Using Snagit 12

          Layered or Stacked Image

            Create Layered Graphics With Snagit 12

            Living Room

            Real Estate: Stay Ahead of the Game with Visuals

            Virgin Media: Recording employee knowledge

            Snagit 12 German

            Snagit speaks German! Do you?