Create an Electronic Signature with Snagit

Each day, more contracts, documents, and other forms are being sent over the internet that require some sort of signature. This means more valuable time and money spent printing, handwriting, and scanning each and every file that comes your way. Thankfully, Snagit is able to save you time by taking your handwritten signature and turning it into a reusable image that can be applied to all electronic documents requiring a sign off. Below you will find detailed instructions showing just that! Making Continue reading

Create Your Own Stationery with July’s Snagit Stamps

Our designers really outdid themselves this month with the July stamp sets. While looking through these musical instruments and Japanese flowers, all I could think was, “How pretty are these? I wish I could take them with me everywhere!” And then it dawned on me. Maybe I could­ bring them everywhere. Like most TechSmithies, I love technology. I couldn’t live without my smart phone, and I’m constantly updating something on one of what seems like millions of digital platforms. But sometimes Continue reading

5 Tips for Planning Your Big Move with Snagit

So you're in the midst of planning your big move and you suddenly realize it's a much more overwhelming process than you originally anticipated. You need a way to research different apartments and houses, plan out floor plans, and collaborate all of these things with the important people in your life. Thankfully, Snagit can help you out. Compare Housing If you're moving into a different apartment or buying a new home you'll want to compare anything from prices to kitchen cabinets, and everything Continue reading

Enjoy May Snagit Stamps and Camtasia Studio Theme Sets!

Hooray for May! If you've been looking forward to our monthly release of new Snagit stamps, Camtasia Studio theme sets, and Camtasia Studio music tracks, you're in luck. Like previous months, we've got a handful of brand new digital media assets for you to give a whirl. FOR OUR SNAGIT USERS Snagit Stamps Make your captures more exciting and user-friendly with this month’s stamp sets: Emotions and Gestures. Each month, we work to brainstorm and create new stamp sets that we think are versatile Continue reading

Give your content a boost with brand new Snagit Stamps and Camtasia Studio Theme Sets

Did you know that you can get all of the latest TechSmith news sent straight to your email inbox? Each month we deliver a variety of product tips and tutorials, customer stories, company news, and more. And best of all, you can pick and choose the topics and products that you want more information about – giving you a new, customized newsletter each month. Along with our monthly newsletter, each month we’ll continue to bring you brand new Snagit Stamps and Camtasia Studio assets for you to Continue reading

Sharing is Caring – Download new Snagit stamps and Camtasia Studio theme sets for free!

Woah! It's already February? Time flies when you're having fun! Here at TechSmith, we've been having fun the past few months creating brand new digital media assets such as Snagit stamp sets, Camtasia Studio theme sets, and Camtasia Studio music tracks for our newsletter subscribers. While brainstorming new digital media assets for this month, it hit us. Why aren't we giving these awesome freebies to everyone? And the only thing that came to mind was, we've got to share the wealth! That's Continue reading

Creating Custom Holiday Stamps Using Snagit on Mac

It's fun to get creative with holiday decorations! You can decorate your captures in Snagit on Mac by creating your own custom holiday stamps. In this video I show you a couple of different stamps you can create and then add to your custom stamp folder. Using Snagit on Windows? Follow this link to learn how to add custom stamps to your stamps folders. Can't see this video? View it on Continue reading