Breaking Down Language Barriers with Visual Communication

Genevieve Hartman is the vice president of educational content at BrightBytes, an educational analytics company. BrightBytes captures the link between school technology use and student achievement. Their platform measures students’ and teachers’ use of and access to technology at school and at home. They then help schools decide on the appropriate next steps to close any gaps. Recommendations can be professional development programs, policy changes, or other projects that the school might take Continue reading

Thank You for 25 Great Years!

Think back 25 years ago. It was 1987. What were you doing? TechSmith was just getting started and opened its doors in 1987… 25 years ago today, on February 28th. Technology has changed! Think about all the technology that has come and gone in 25 years. Computers were running Windows 2.0 in 1987. The Macintosh SE had just been released. The World Wide Web wasn't even around until 1990! It's hard to imagine a time before that. The first release of Snagit came in 1991, Camtasia was released Continue reading

EvCon 2012 – Making TechSmith the Best It Can Be

One of the things that we think sets TechSmith apart from other employers is its commitment to the professional development and intellectual stimulation of all employees. We want rock stars... but rock stars don't just happen. Each year TechSmith organizes their very own DevCon (Development Conference) which is a professional development opportunity for developers to network, improve their coding skills, learn more about different languages, and learn from each other. This year, some motivated Continue reading

Meet the TechSmith Academic Solutions Team!

Here at TechSmith we believe in the importance of listening to our customers and doing whatever we can to meet their needs.  One shining example of this is the recent addition of an Academic Solutions Team. The team is comprised of people from various departments who are focused on the education community and how we can help solve some of the challenges that educators face at all levels and in all types of institutions. We are extremely excited to collaborate with you and look forward to being an Continue reading

How many TechSmithies does it take to plan ScreencastCamp?

There are only three days left until ScreencastCamp and boy, we’ve been busy. As you’re packing up your tent, getting an oil change, and calling the babysitter…we’ve been doing a few things ourselves to prepare for your arrival. Prep For most of you, this’ll be like a first date… and TechSmith is dressing to impress! Picking up in the offices, spraying for mosquitoes, cleaning up goose poop, turning off sprinklers, setting up the food tent & tables, marking off campsites, posting Continue reading

20 to Watch: Joe Dockery

Joe Dockery is an Adobe Education Leader and CTE Instructor at Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie, Washington. He teaches video production, computer animation, computer graphic design and web design. He primarily uses Camtasia Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop in his classroom. An Interview with Joe Question: How has the learning curve in your classes increased since introducing video tutorials for class? Answer: When I do technology staff development at conferences, Continue reading

20 to Watch: James Gill

James Gill teaches computer education at Moody Middle School in British Columbia, Canada. He spearheads technology initiatives and has served as a technology mentor with a sister school's learning team. He uses Jing, Sketchup, Scratch, Pixton, Gimp, Audacity, Inspiration, and his class website to help him teach. An Interview with James Question: What are the primary lessons that you teach at Moody Middle School? Answer: I do not have a special curriculum I am required to follow for computer instruction, Continue reading