Next Vista for Learning, Rushton Hurley Interview: Forge Episode 35

One of the best parts of working on the Forge is the amazing people I get to meet. Many of them are working to help change their little part of the world for the better. This month's guest is right up there. I first met Rushton Hurley of Next Vista for Learning through TechSmith colleague Jason Valade, who recommended Rushton as a potential judge for the 2012 ScreenChamp awards. We ended up connecting for that event, and he was a great judge with insightful comments. I knew at that point I wanted Continue reading

Interview with Andreas Pilz, German Screencaster: The Forge Episode 32

In our mission to bring you ideas, tips, and thoughts about visual communication and screencasting on the Forge, we occasionally find ourselves outside the studio with interesting people who are putting these thoughts into action. It just so happens that when I was attending Online Educa Berlin in December, I met up with Anton Bollen, TechSmith's German Evangelist, and Andreas Pilz, a Professional Screencaster (yes, that's his job). While talking over a bit of dinner, we decide to record some of Continue reading

ScreenChamp 2013: And the Winner Is…

What an incredible year for the ScreenChamp Awards! The 2013 competition had many firsts: a record number of entries (230+), a double category winner, and an incredibly heated People's Choice Award competition. Let's break it down! Watch Episode 33 of The Forge ScreenChamp judges Matt Pierce (Host, The Forge) and Steve Garfield (Videoblogging Pioneer) announce the winners live and discuss this year's finalists: Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube Training & Tutorial and Sales & Continue reading

ScreenChamp Finalists: View and Vote Now!

The People's Choice Award The finalists have been selected...the judges are revealed...and now it’s up to YOU to make the final decision! Vote for the People’s Choice Award on the TechSmith YouTube Channel. Simply "like" a video to cast your vote. The People's Choice Award will go to the video with the most YouTube likes. (Dislikes don’t count and views don't matter either.) And make sure to subscribe to the TechSmith Channel while you're there! The People's Choice Award voting closes Continue reading

Filming with the iPhone 5s – The Forge Episode 31

Yes, yes... I know that this particular episode is skimming under the wire to still technically be an October episode, but we think it's worth the wait! Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube. We've been super busy with projects this month, which has put a bit of a crunch on production of The Forge. After the guest I wanted got busy and had to postpone, I realized just how critical time had become, and knew I had to find another angle for production... And this one is definitely different. Earlier Continue reading

The Forge – Interview with Lee LeFever of Common Craft

Woah! The Forge is back!! We're starting our 4th year and we've got a great episode for you. Can’t see the video? Watch it on YouTube! So, in the course of your everyday life, do you ever need to explain anything? Do you find that easy? Difficult? Frankly, if you're a marketer, trainer, business owner, parent, partner - you're explaining things, probably multiple times a day. Sometimes the stakes are low, but what about when the stakes are really high? Do you know how to communicate Continue reading

There’s Still Time to Enter ScreenChump to ScreenChamp!

Can't see the video? Watch it on YouTube! So you're pretty handy with Camtasia, but maybe you feel like your screencasts could use a little finesse? Maybe you have an idea, but you just aren't quite sure how to execute it? Or, perhaps you've actually got no idea what to do AND no idea where to start? Whatever the case, don't worry - we're here to help! With ScreenChump to ScreenChamp, we want to offer our team's expertise to YOU. You make a lot of screencasts. We make a lot of screencasts. Continue reading