Learn How to Make Great-Looking Email Responses

Walter Pelowski is what you would call an email power user. Sure, we all go through our inbox and GTD (get things done), but Walter takes it to an entirely different level. His emails are legendary. For example, when you ask Walter for directions he doesn’t just send you a hyperlink to Google Maps. No, he sends you a perfectly formatted, detailed step-by-step that includes landmarks and building directions. To be on the receiving end of a Walter email is to understand that you are doing Continue reading

Three Must-Know Workflows: Why You Need TechSmith Snagit to Simplify Daily Tasks

For years, I've been using Microsoft Word and I never knew about the Format Painter or why I'd need it. Then one day a colleague saw me working inefficiently and showed me the magic of the Format Painter. How was I living without it? Similarly, I've visited many workers in corporate environments who "use Snagit 11 on Windows all the time," but don't know that you can send images to PowerPoint in one click, or that they can record a process and then take frames from the video to create an accompanying Continue reading

How to Override Snapping in Camtasia Studio 8

"Ooo! Snapping!" is typically what users say the first time they try to line up a callout with a title slide on the timeline. Indeed, it is quite convenient to have your hand slightly guided when you're first learning to edit. Inevitably though, at some point in the maturation from newbie to vet, you're likely to find yourself occasionally spouting "ARGH! SNAPPING!!!" and wishing you had more precise control over durations and timeline placement. Luckily, there's an easy way to politely decline the Continue reading

Snagit for Small Business: Playing Multiple Roles in a Fast-Paced World

Being a small business is tough. Small businesses have fewer staff members and the same amount of work to do. And often, employees play multiple roles within the organization. Ally Parson is a perfect example. Ally Parson acts as Human Resources, Marketing, Customer Relations and more at Café Milano in Washington, D.C. Her responsibilities are widespread and require her to be extremely efficient to manage multiple projects and stay on schedule. But with her dedication to quality and a little Continue reading

Camtasia Studio 8: Create an Interactive Table of Contents (and Save Time Editing) with Markers

Would you like to make it easier for your viewers to navigate through your videos? Or, would you just like help speeding up the editing process? If so, then markers are a great tool to add to your repertoire. In the following video, you’ll learn how to: Find and open the marker view (0:30) Differentiate between the two types of markers. (0:52) Add markers to your project. (1:40) Quickly pinpoint a section to delete. (2:00) Add markers while recording. (2:35) Use markers to set Continue reading

How to Replace Outdated or Inaccurate Audio in Camtasia Studio 8

We've had several customers ask us how to update a section of audio in an existing project - without having to redo the whole thing. In this video, I show you how to update your audio using the Voice Narration function in Camtasia Studio 8.  This can save you a lot of time if you just need to fix a small error or out-of-date information. Can't see the video?  View it on Screencast.com The tricky part about replacing just a section of audio is making it sound natural.  Here are a couple Continue reading

Camtasia Studio 8: Full Captions Series is Live

Adding captions is a great way to increase the accessibility of your videos. Many rely on captions, including those with hearing impairments, non-native English speakers, and even those not able to play external audio. But did you know that captioning your videos also makes them searchable? Or that you can export your captions for translation or other uses? The captions editor in Camtasia Studio 8 is rather robust. To help users with this, we created a full series of tutorials to help you with Continue reading