Learn How to Make Great-Looking Email Responses

Walter Pelowski is what you would call an email power user. Sure, we all go through our inbox and GTD (get things done), but Walter takes it to an entirely different level. His emails are legendary. For example, when you ask Walter for directions he doesn’t just send you a hyperlink to Google Maps. No, he sends you a perfectly formatted, detailed step-by-step that includes landmarks and building directions. To be on the receiving end of a Walter email is to understand that you are doing Continue reading

Video Stickers: How to Attach Help Videos to Physical Objects

The basic idea: "attach" how-to videos to physical objects around your workplace or school, with the help of QR codes. It's a quicker, easier way for people to get help when and where they need it. Do you remember being a new hire or new student...when everything and everyone was new? So much information to take in! Even long-time employees may wonder for years how the espresso machine works but never ask anyone to show them. It's one thing to put tutorials on your intranet or in a printed guide...but Continue reading

How Many Videos Do You Need To Effectively Flip Your Class? An Interview with Ashlie Smith

This is the first in a series of interviews with the award-winning ScreenChamp 2013 producers. The ScreenChamp Awards are the annual screencasting competition hosted by TechSmith. This year, the competition received over 230+ entries. Ashlie Smith: A New Kind of Educator Ashlie Smith is an 8th Grade Physical Science instructor at Cranbrook Schools, and she recently won the 2013 EDU Category prize for her screencast Work and Power. Since flipping her class a year-and-a-half ago, Smith has Continue reading

Next Vista for Learning, Rushton Hurley Interview: Forge Episode 35

One of the best parts of working on the Forge is the amazing people I get to meet. Many of them are working to help change their little part of the world for the better. This month's guest is right up there. I first met Rushton Hurley of Next Vista for Learning through TechSmith colleague Jason Valade, who recommended Rushton as a potential judge for the 2012 ScreenChamp awards. We ended up connecting for that event, and he was a great judge with insightful comments. I knew at that point I wanted Continue reading

Tech-tastrophe – Save Yourself From Presentation Tech Failures with Betsy’s Tech Presentation Failure Prevention Tips

It's that time of year... conference season! That means I'm on the road and giving demos as well as watching a lot of presentations. As a presenter, I do a lot of work before I get in front the audience to safety-proof my presentation. I don't want to flounder on stage, especially if I can prevent it. This week, I'm attending O'Reilly's Velocity Conference in London. It's been a great event, and I had a good reminder during the Keynote presentation yesterday about why I do all the prep work Continue reading

Three Must-Know Workflows: Why You Need TechSmith Snagit to Simplify Daily Tasks

For years, I've been using Microsoft Word and I never knew about the Format Painter or why I'd need it. Then one day a colleague saw me working inefficiently and showed me the magic of the Format Painter. How was I living without it? Similarly, I've visited many workers in corporate environments who "use Snagit 11 on Windows all the time," but don't know that you can send images to PowerPoint in one click, or that they can record a process and then take frames from the video to create an accompanying Continue reading

Create a Vintage Circle Frame For Your Videos

Recently, I've noticed vintage television show "effects" coming back in vogue for use in screencasting and online videos. For example, in the old Quincy series, the introduction sequence to the show had circle cutouts populated with several videos. And now, in this new music video by Peter Hollens, (available here on YouTube around 3:28), you see his take on using the circle effect. In this tutorial I show you how to use Snagit to create a graphic with circle holes that can be used for video Continue reading