[UPDATED with winners list] Join us live at 2pm – ScreenChamp Awards show

UPDATED 5:20pm ET – View the recording of The Forge below.

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ScreenChamp Award 2012 Winners!

Today (Thursday, December 13) at 2pm ET we’ll announce the winners of this year’s coveted ScreenChamp Award, which recognizes excellence in screencasting.

Our panel of expert judges will be on-hand (via the magic of Skype) to announce and provide some commentary on their picks for the four category winners…and we’ll also reveal the Best in Show winner chosen by popular vote.

Finalist Videos

We had more than 150 entries this year from more than a dozen countries. A team of TechSmithies viewed and scored them all and selected 16 finalists. Watch the videos to get some inspiration and steal techniques from other screencasters! On The Forge today our panel of judges will also provide their analysis and critique of the winning videos.

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  • Dawn

    Hi there! I work for Evanced Solutions, LLC, with Vesone Dean…the winner of the overall award for the video contest. I could not possibly be any prouder of “V”. He has worked countless hours on his video and is extremely committed to not only his job, but doing the best and BEING the best at everything he does! He is a perfectionist and probably THEEEE sweetest, most hard-working guy one will ever meet. I feel very blessed and very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with someone like V.
    Our company is very small…a total of less than 30 employees. We have been very excited for this day to arrive to see how V’s video did in the competition. We all gathered in the conference room so that we could watch the results together and be there for Vesone to support him in his efforts. He not only entered his God-given talent and hard work in your contest, but he also “put himself out there” for all of us as a company.

    Before the announcement was made for the final winner, the emcee pretty much “apologized” and made a comment about changing the voting system for next year and that “perhaps this was not the BEST video but it was chosen as the winner” and I just have to tell you that was very hurtful to me and to my colleagues. I am sure it was hurtful to V as well. Nothing nice was even said about it and it is an EXCELLENT video!!! He has self-taught the arts and skills that he so flawlessly displayed in his sales and marketing video and we, as a company, are incredibly PROUD of him!!! No one could be MORE deserving of such an honor. The BEST video WAS chosen as the winner :)

    Thank you for hosting the competition.

    • Dan

      Hey Dawn, my name is Dan. Last summer I was invited to judge a sculpture competition; it was a very humbling experience. Waffling between ambivalence and bias, I realized something. When definitive adjectives like “BEST,” are applied to a subjective comparison, there can be no consensus. We can defer to an authority figure, vote in mass, or allow an authoritative panel to decide, but individuals will always feel slighted. No matter how specific a contest’s judging criteria becomes, a subjective verdict pacifies few and settles nothing (I’m looking at you BCS). If we’re slaves to our own preference, perhaps “Best In Show” should remain a popularity contest; I’m glad I didn’t have to decide.

    • piercemr


      So first, my apologies. I watch the show and realize how this came across. No excuses, it was what is what and it wasn’t great.

      Now, if I can clarify what my intent was though.

      I was speaking only about our process and the actual tool that we used. When I said ‘we get what we get’ I was not speaking about the videos, I was speaking about the process to vote. It really isn’t a great mechanism. So I meant no offense to Vesone, any other of the contestants.

      Vesone still gets some sweet prizes and acknowledgement that in this part of the contest he kicked butt (by a LARGE margin). Hopefully when he gets the camera and other prizes, he and you can move on to help us make for even better future experiences.

      Again my apologies, it didn’t come across like I had hoped it would. I’ve thought a lot about this last night, and definitely lost some sleep thinking about this.

      One other thing I’ll mention. Why not spend more time on the Vesone’s video? – 2 things. 1) My floor manager was flagging me to wrap-up the show. We try to limit the length of the show., we want to go no more than 45 minutes for this episode. We do this for lots of reasons… so I knew we had to move on. 2) I am planning to do 1-1 follow-ups with each winner to go more in-depth about the video. So while we didn’t have a ton of time here, I expected to be able to chat with the winners and write-up a blog post.

      So, all I can say again, is sorry that my comments had a negative impact. I sincerely did not mean them too.

      Matt Pierce
      Host of the Forge

  • Dawn

    Awe…Matt, it’s okay and I MORE than appreciate your apology! I know how things can happen and I totally understand, but I sincerely appreciate your kindness in the response you sent. THANK YOU!!! And the entire staff of Evanced thanks you for the delicious “Congrats Cookies” that we just received from you!!! That was over the top, definitely a wonderful surprise for everyone and SoOoOoOo much appreciated! I wish you could come and visit us some time…it is THEEE coolest, most fun place to work ever…You would totally LOVE it here! We have an AWESOME team that works together and has a blast doing so!

    Again, thank you for being real, and transparent…that is a very respectable quality to find in a person and I am so happy to see it in you and your company! We look forward to working with you in the future!
    We wish you the Merriest Christmas ever and a VERY Happy, Super Prosperous New Year!!!
    Thanks a million…for everything! :)
    Dawn from Evanced

    • piercemr

      Thanks Dawn. I’ve been a little bit stressing over it.

      I just happen to be an IU grad and lived near Purdue (I’ll throw that in for anyone who’s not a Hoosier fan) for awhile and am a HUGE fan of the Children’s Museum in Indy. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll let you guys know and will swing by for a visit.

      Happy holidays! And I hope 2013 is full many fun and exciting adventures — including many more awesome screencasts.

      Matt Pierce
      Host of the Forge

      • http://twitter.com/MeadowsSF Stephanie Meadows

        Go Hoosiers! – From someone who grew up in Purdue land, graduated from IU, and now lives amongst the Wildcats.

  • Suzanne

    Training and Tutorial winner. Absolutely a great video, once I got to it :( In my humble opinion, make your video immediately accessible. I clicked on the video. Could hardly wait to see these great tips since I really need them. Oh, need new flash or different viewer :( Downloaded new flash and rebooted. Realized that Chrome downloaded at same time. Didn’t want to change from company standard but oh well. I probably need the latest flash. Now I can watch. Oh, same message. Used Chrome and it finally worked. OK, I could blame Internet Explorer. But I’m not the only human on earth using IE right now. Would be nice if the video worked in at least the top few browsers. Great tips presented in a great way. I can see why you won.

  • Suzanne

    Aaarg. Same problem with wildcard entry. OK, maybe I need to use Chrome for viewing all videos :(

  • http://twitter.com/MeadowsSF Stephanie Meadows

    So I am curious if we can get tips from the video producers on what they did? I really loved some of the ideas such as Vesone’s and the one with the factory. Another video competition actually provides users with tips from the competitors. I would love to learn!

    • piercemr

      Hi Stephanie, we are going to be talking with the winners and have posts here over the next couple weeks.

      Matt Pierce