Camtasia Studio 8: How We Use Hotspots

If you’ve watched any of our video tutorials, you may have noticed that we usually include a clickable link to surveys or other tutorials.

Well, as long as your videos are delivered through the TechSmith Smart Player, you can do the exact same thing!  You can do even more with a little creativity – like use hotspots to break a video into sections or create a custom table of contents.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through adding a clickable hotspot, and explain what it looks like in the Camtasia editor when we set ours up. When you’re done watching, feel free to ask us additional questions in the comments below or tell us about your experiences with hotspots at

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  • D Azmuth

    Great video because now I know Hotspots are useless to me since we don’t use the Smart Player at my company… we host mp4s on our intranet, and folks watch them on whatever media player their computer has. Is it possible to fix it so hotspots will work outside of the Smart Player?

    • Leanne Gee

      Hi there,

      The short answer is no, hotspots don’t work outside of the TechSmith Smart Player. The long answer is that there are a few solutions that could incorporate the TechSmith Smart Player without having to drastically change how employees access videos. If you’re interested in discussing this further, please contact me via email at I’d also love to hear about how you’re using hotspots in your video. For example, are you linking to websites? Jumping to specific sections in your video? Or doing something else entirely? Thanks for the feedback!


  • Red

    The ‘Open URL in new browser window’ is not working for me… It launches in the same window…


  • David

    Hi. Do you have any plans to introduce more ways to interact with Hotspots? I’m doing some software simulation, training guides and would like trainees to be able to do more than ‘click to continue’, such as double clicking, and keyboard presses, to mimick using the piece of software.

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi David – thanks for using Camtasia! We don’t have any immediate plans to build in more software simulation features but we’d welcome you to post the request in our ideas community so we can see how many people might want that:

  • Harrison

    Thanks for the video. I’m creating a video that will be produced as an MP4 file and shared on a DVD. I’m thinking about using the hotspot feature to make clickable buttons that will skip to specific sections in the video. My question after watching the video, is that since the hotspot features will not work on sites like YouTube because they don’t use the TechSmith Smart Player, will the hotspot features work when the video is played from a DVD using software such as Windows Media Player, Real Player or VLC.
    Can they also work on a DVD player?

    • Daniel Foster

      Hi Harrison, the TechSmith Smart Player interactivity will only work if you can play back the video via a web browser. So if you can burn the html and video files to a data disc and play them back on a computer…in theory…you could get the interactivity to work. The one big problem you may run into there would be security warnings. Some browsers don’t like it when a browser wants to do interactive stuff using local files.

      Bottom line: if you can find a way to deliver the videos using the web instead of DVD, you’ll probably give users a better experience.