Create Custom Spotlight Effects in Camtasia for Mac

There are lots of ways to direct your viewers’ attention: boxes, arrows, zooms, crops, etc. But I got asked last week how to create a rectangular spotlight, something that Camtasia doesn’t have a specific feature for. That said, creating one that’s both easy and flexible is completely possible–all thanks to the Mask effect.

Here’s how:

Have any other effects you’d like to see? Leave a comment below.

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About Conan Heiselt

Conan is an Instructional Designer who used to be a Systems Engineer who was originally going to be a Graphic Designer who instead ended up studying Asian languages for a while before moving on to other things. Aside from making tutorials for Camtasia for Mac, creating and maintaining its tutorial viewer, and the hundreds of other things he does at TechSmith, Conan spends time remodeling his house, fixing a garden tractor older than himself, writing mobile apps, and taking apart/making things with his kids. He also has a strange sleep schedule.
  • Maliwan Sunpao

    Can this be done on the pc as well?

    • Conan Heiselt

      No, but there is a Spotlight callout that does that same thing, including having the ability to be animated.

  • davemill

    Brilliant. I use the inverted mask often, but it never occurred to me to animate it as you did near the end of the video. Well done!

  • Greg West

    Love it!! Thanks for the tip. I have overlooked this feature and will now use it in some future videos.