Create Textures & Enhance Your Snagit Captures

Have you ever wanted to apply a texture to one of your images to enhance it and give it a more polished or professional look?

While Snagit does not have a texture filter, you can easily make your own custom textures using patterns you find in images.

Here are a couple of texture examples I created using animal images I found on the New York Public Library digital site.

Here is a video that shows you how to create the texture image and how to apply the texture to other images.

Can’t see the video? Watch it on

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Kelly Mullins is an Information Developer within the User Assistance group at TechSmith. Her hobby is collecting creepy, vintage clown dolls so as to protect children from their strange and menacing influences. Her coworkers haven't fared as well. Her reading list includes anything "Nero Wolfe" and vintage Mary Roberts Rinehart intrigues. She is a 12 year veteran Power Seller on eBay peddling all manner of junque-n-stuff nobody really needs.
  • mary coffee

    This is really cool–not sure how I’ll use it but am glad I know how to do it :)

    • Kelly

      It’s always good to have these little things in your pocket – sort of like a Swiss Army knife… You may not need it all everyday, but it’s nice to know its there when the time comes. That’s how I see Snagit.. as my little Swiss Army knife of screen capture! ;-} Thanks for commenting!!

  • Manny Carvalho

    Very nice Kelly. Because of your watermark lessons I’ve used one very effectively for an invitation. Thanks for posting and keep up with these great ideas.

  • Caetem

    Why are you torturing me with demands that I sign up for screencast to keep using snagnit?

    i am on deadline and you won’t let me use snagit unless I sign up for screencast.

    I dont want to. Why isn’t there a not interested button?

    Get off my case and let me use the software you promised to lend me.

    is this even legal?

    what sort of crumby operation are you?