Essential Guides for Getting Started in Camtasia & Snagit

Not to discount the usefulness of our newsletter and emailed how-to guides, (because, you know, we think they’re pretty neat) but wouldn’t you like to have one neatly organized, handy-dandy guide to the essentials of Snagit and Camtasia all in one place?

Of course you would!

Getting started in Snagit and Camtasia

Maybe you’re a new user. Or you upgraded to the most recent version. Or maybe not. I mean, sometimes we all forget things – it’s OK! Either way, these guides provide alleviation for start-up screen capture and editing confusion, enabling you to work more quickly toward achieving your communication aspirations.

If you’re already a confident Snagit and/or Camtasia user, these guides are a fantastic way to make your friends, family members and coworkers screen capture fans, too. We keep a stack of these guides at every trade show booth we set up, simply for the fact that they allow us a tech-free way to show the capabilities of each solution – instead of muddying it up with words. If you know someone who should be using Snagit or Camtasia, then you know someone who should see these guides.

So, what’s in these bad boys? I thought you would never ask!

Snagit 11.2 for Windows and 2.1 for Mac

Learn the basics of screen capture (both still and video), hotkeys, callouts, custom styles, sharing, and more.


Getting Started Guide for Snagit 11.2 (Win) and 2.1 (Mac) by TechSmith


Camtasia 8.0 for Windows (embedded below) and Camtasia 2.3 for Mac

Learn about recording screen and audio, in addition to editing functions like cutting, splitting, zooming, arranging, rendering and beyond.


Getting Started Guide for Camtasia 8.0 by TechSmith

Also, if you need more help, never hesitate to contact us. We’re more than happy to help!

Taking full advantage of the features that Camtasia and Snagit have to offer will allow you to make the most engaging, professional and clear screen captures possible. Get in on the fun and download the getting started guides today!

Direct links to download PDFs

Download the Snagit Getting Started Guide 

Download the Camtasia Studio (Win) Getting Started Guide 

Download the Camtasia for Mac Getting Started Guide 

  • AirForce9933

    In order to download them you have to give a site permission to go into your facebook account. Not a good thing,

    • TechSmith

      Sorry about that…Scribd is great for embedding but not so great for downloading. I changed the links at the end of the post to point directly to the PDFs.

  • a visitor

    You need to sign in to download. It is not good at all.

    • TechSmith

      Thanks for the feedback – the links at the end of the post now download the PDFs directly.

  • Frank

    What I don’t understand is; What has downloading a User Guide from Techsmith got to do with Scribed and Facebook???

    I’ve downloaded the PDF version OK, but mystified as what all these other sites have got to do with anything??

    And why do I have to sign in with Facebook, Twitter etc. to even leave a comment here???

    For a company that tells us to make things easier for people, you sure are hell bent on making life harder for people lately.

    • TechSmith

      Hi Frank – when you upload a PDF to Scribd you can embed it in a page for easy viewing (like we did above). But the download links at the bottom of the post don’t require any login or anything.

      As for comments here on the blog, you can choose to authenticate with an existing account or you can just use your name and email address (see screenshot: No login required. Someday we’d like to have a TechSmith account, which you could then use to stay logged in across any of our web entities or products…but it’s not available yet.