Fun with Tobias Fünke And Camtasia Green Screen

There’s this neat show called Arrested Development that’s returning to life on May 26th, 2013 care of our good friend, Netflix. Surely you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’re even a fan?

Saying “we’re excited” is a bit of an understatement – we’ve been using some of our lunch breaks to collectively catch up with the Bluths, eagerly anticipating the new season while chowing down on cornballs, ice cream sandwiches, and frozen bananas.

So, when aspiring actor and favorite character, Tobias Fünke, released this series of green screen clips for James Cameron, we went a little bonkers here at TechSmith HQ. Green screen, you say? Camtasia is BFFs with green screen!

As a note, both Camtasia for Mac AND Camtasia Studio have green screen compatibility.

Dear Tobias, even if that James Cameron fellow doesn’t want to use your clips, we’re gonna – and we’re gonna have a ball. As a bonus, we’ve got all the tricks – illusions? – to do it yourself!

Resources for Making Your Own #InsertMeAnywhere Video

Some notes about the videos:

  • We had trouble downloading the video files from…so we captured them from the screen with Camtasia (handy, eh?)
  • The explosions and fire effects are video files that already have an alpha channel (transparency); you can find some by googling for them, if desired
  • We used Camtasia for all three videos, but to pull off the effect of Tobias getting squished we used AfterEffects
  • Dave

    I’d like to see how you got such a good key. I can’t get CMAC to do that well.

    • KFlannery

      Hey Dave!

      I asked Mike, who created the video, if he had any tips to share and he created this short Screencast for you. I hope it helps!

      • Dave

        Thanks. I’ll have to try it on the CS side to see if I get better results than CMAC. I can’t get the green “glow” off without going too far. I used the same video you did. I had to capture it as well. I’m not sure why the Tobias site isn’t working.

        I appreciate the response.