Jing Videos in PowerPoint (Windows Only)

Wanna learn a cool trick? Next time you have to give a presentation, wow your audience with an embedded video. This will help you explain certain things without the usual static screen captures and bullet points.

There’s a couple of ways to do it. There’s the easy way, which requires you have a copy of TechSmith’s SnagIt software. SnagIt’s Add-in makes it easy to drop a video into a slide. I’ve made a Jing video showing this process. You can learn more about all the SnagIt add-in’s here.

You don’t have to have SnagIt in order to put Jing videos in PowerPoint presentations, but PowerPoint doesn’t make it obvious like inserting an image. I’ve found and tried a couple of resources on the Web.

The process is fairly similar on PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.

A video from Moyea PowerPoint to DVD Burner Software showing PPT 2003.

Here’s a post written by Amit Agarwal on Digital Inspiration that shows PPT 2007.

  • http://misterwei.net Awesome

    This is AWESOME. I want to make great presentations and had no idea how to handle it. Thanks to your article, it helps a lot.

  • walkiria

    I don’t see the video!

  • http://www.mokummarketing.com/blog David

    Nice one; this is exactly what I needed to know and a great way to market your stuff!

  • Cheyl

    Hi Mike

    My question is kind of the reverse of the above. I’d like to use Jing to create audio presentations – in other words, use Jing to capture my slideshow along with my audio commentary so that I can share it with my students. I guess I could start the slideshow and capture the whole screen but that would make the output too big to sit neatly in my blog. There doesn’t seem to be a way in Ppt to shrink the slideshow so that it only occupies part of the screen. I bet there’s a work around for this that I haven’t thought of..?

  • Mike Curtis, TechSmith

    Hi Cheyl,

    Here’s an idea. Open your presentation. View it in the “edit” (not presentation) mode. Then zoom out a bit so the slide is small, but still readable. Now, use Jing to capture the area of the screen that only shows your slide. The viewers will not see the rest of the PowerPoint interface. Now you can use the arrow keys to advance the slides and narrate on top of the video.

    I hope that helps! Oh–and one last tip. Fancy transitions and movement will increase the video file size quite a bit.

    Thanks for posting!
    Mike Curtis
    Information Development, TechSmith

  • krblla

    this package is really good, but would be excelent if could download it for Linux too!

  • Thad Dickinson

    How do you get the PP presentation to move to the next slide after playing the video? I can insert and play the video, but am unable to advance to the next slide unless I click ESC and get out of the slide presentation.


  • http://alove4horses.com Joni

    You can make presentations using Google Docs and you can insert youtube videos in them. So if you have posted your Jing screencast on youtube you can then add it to any presentation made on Google Docs.

  • LeaAnn Jaeger

    nice and use full to use and share

  • Phoebe Frank

    I can’t open the introductory Jing video. Windows XP.

  • Anonymous

    it is poss to remove the jing logo at the end of videos ans position instead at head of video?