’s Desktop Uploader

You may think of as just the most convenient way to host your Jing content so you can quickly send a link to someone.

In fact, can host virtually anything. Usually it’s images or video, but there’s no reason you couldn’t upload a PowerPoint presentation or a huge ZIP file containing project resources.

Before getting into the Desktop Uploader (which is free and works on both Mac and PC), I should make clear the uploader doesn’t have anything to do with Jing directly. The best way to send your Jing images and videos to is to do it straight through Jing. The purpose of this post is to show how you might take more advantage of the account you got with Jing.

Here are some typical scenarios where people use the Desktop Uploader:

  • You have a file that’s way too big to attach to an email. You upload it to, then email the link to the file. Your recipients download it themselves. (Learn how to make content down-loadable to viewers.)
  • You want to back up a bunch of videos or files. You select them all and upload them to via the uploader.
  • You’re looking for feedback on the latest (non-Jing) screencast you made. You upload it to a password-protected folder that contains previous versions. It’s easy for the viewers to look at each draft.
  • You need to work on something at home, but you forgot your USB drive. You can upload it to yourself.

The Desktop Uploader is easy to download and install. Be sure to keep the following in mind–especially if you’re using a free account:

A free account comes with 2 GB bandwidth per month. Bandwidth is the total amount of data you can transfer per month. For example, if 10 people downloaded your 10 MB video, that would be 100 MB–or 5% of your monthly allowance. As you can see, using the Desktop Uploader with large files for yourself or with a small group is one thing, but trying to share a large video with hundreds of students or the public could chew up that bandwidth pretty quick. You can always check your bandwidth. Learn how here.

  • http://on2raj' Mesha Casper

    Your company is so amazing I am blown away. I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO . COULD I HAVE THE HONOR TO BE YOUR AFFILIATE? Sincerely,
    Mesha Casper:)

  • Andy Jones

    I have a few videos with adult content I’m wanting to place on my password protected blog. I’ve subscribed to screencast and it does great for acquiring embedded codes that meet their guidelines. I am wanting two things; 1) that I can get the embedded code while keeping my video hidden from public view and 2) someone that won’t remove my videos for terms infringement. I have no issue in paying a reasonable fee for these services.

  • Mike Curtis, TechSmith

    Hi Andy, won’t be what you’re looking for I’m thinking. You can check out the terms of service here: scroll a little past the half-way point.
    Mike Curtis, TechSmith

  • Andy Jones

    Thank you Mike. I’m aware of the terms of Screencast. What I’m wondering is if Jing offers the ability for me to produce an embedded code that’s usable on my blog. Is there a site that allows such uploading while giving me the option of keeping it private? If I upload my videos on Facebook for example (while they still don’t allow adult content) and make them private, the embedded code on my blog is restricted unless the viewer signs onto Facebook and acquires my permission to view.

    I’m not interested in a porno site and really don’t want the watermarks some of them insert. I just have a few select videos that fail the guidelines and would like to post them on my private blog. Can I create my own embedding code with Jing?

  • Mike Curtis, TechSmith

    Hi Andy,
    Indeed you can generate embed code with Jing. It sounds like your best option would be to set up a custom FTP button. Check out this help topic:

    My best advice is just to set up the button very methodically and carefully as one extra space or typo will render the code useless. In fact, you might want to set up your code in notepad and then paste it into the Jing button setup interface.

    Good luck!
    Mike Curtis

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  • tt

    ScreencastUploader→Authentication Failed.
    Jing→Unable to sign in.


    use existing account.

  • Mike Curtis, TechSmith

    @ tt I’m not sure. Can you please contact our Tech Support team? They are the best equipped to get to the bottom of this.

    Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!
    Mike Curtis, TechSmith